Project Overview

If your laminate kitchen bench is looking a little old and tired there’s an easy and affordable way to give it a new lease of life. In just four simple steps you can transform your laminate benchtop from sham to glam.
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Step by Step Instructions

1 Work out how much paint you need
2 Tape the walls and sink
3 Sand the bench
4 Apply the base coat
5 Apply the final coat
6 Leave to dry
  • Step 1. Work out how much paint you need

    First, you need to calculate the benchtop surface area, so you’ll know how much paint to get. To work out the square metreage, multiply the length by the width. For an L-shaped bench, just divide your benchtop into two sections, measure them separately and then add the two together. Divide the total area by the paint coverage per square metre. This will give you the number of litres that you need for each coat. 

  • Step 2. Tape the walls and sink

    Cover the edges of wall, sinks and taps with the painters’ tape to protect them from the laminate paint. While this might take some time, it is worth it in the end and will make the job easier.

  • Step 3. Sand the bench

    Put on your respirator and use the sandpaper supplied in the kit to sand back all of the bench. The rough surface will give the paint something to stick to. Once you’ve sanded it back, just wipe it clean with a rag. 

  • Step 4. Apply the base coat

    Put on your safety glasses, respirator and rubber gloves, then place a drop sheet on the floor around the bench. Mix the paint as per the instructions. Use the paint brush to carefully cut in the base coat around the edges of the benchtop. Use the roller to apply the base coat to the rest of the bench. Let it dry according to the instructions on the paint can. After it’s dry, wipe it clean again to remove any dust.

  • Step 5. Apply the final coat

    Put on your safety glasses and rubber gloves. Use the paint brush to carefully cut in the final coat around the edges. Use the roller to paint the rest of the bench. While the product is still wet, carefully remove all of the tape from around the edges. 

  • Step 6. Leave to dry

    Let the final coat dry for at least 48 hours before using the bench. Make sure you use it lightly at first as it will take about a week for it to cure properly.


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