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Bunnings is committed to participating in the communities in which we operate by contributing to local, regional and national causes, charities and organisations throughout Australia and New Zealand. During the 2022 financial year our team supported over 54,000 local community activities helping raise and contribute more than $29 million for community groups.

As part of our commitment to meaningful and active participation in the community, our stores provide ongoing assistance to a wide range of local community groups including:

  • schools and kindergartens
  • local sporting groups
  • service clubs (for example Lions, Rotary)
  • local community groups that assist the disadvantaged
  • local health and wellbeing
  • junior community groups (for example scouts, girl guides)

For more than 25 years, the Bunnings sausage sizzle has provided grassroots community groups a simple way to raise funds to continue their important work in our communities.

Not-for-profit organisations are able to book a sizzle with their local store - they need to bring volunteers and adequate supplies and Bunnings helps with the rest.

A sausage in bread with sauce on it in front of a Bunnings store

100% of funds raised go to your community group.

Organising a Bunnings sausage sizzle is easy – BYO volunteers and necessary products and we’ll help look after the rest. Simply fill out our online form to submit your enquiry to your local ‘Activities Organiser’. Conditions apply.

How do I apply for a sausage sizzle?

Simply fill out our online form to submit your enquiry to your community group’s local store’s ‘Activities Organiser’.

The ‘Activities Organiser’ local to your community group will then be in contact to discuss the next steps. This will include what the funds will be used for (eg. Upgrading facilities, purchasing equipment) as well as receiving a copy of your group’s current Certificate of Currency (public liability) and any other required documentation.

Who can apply?

Bunnings receives many requests for support, and in order to consider these worthwhile requests fairly and objectively we have developed a broad framework covering our community involvement activities. 

In line with this framework, our priority is to work directly with not-for- profit community groups and charities.  This allows our stores to fully participate in the communities in which they operate by providing meaningful assistance to their local community.

We strive to work with organisations that share the Bunnings values and reserve the right to decline activities with organisations that don’t align. 


In response to significant requests from community groups, in July 2022 Bunnings increased the price of its community sausage sizzle in Australia for the first time in 15 years - from $2.50 to $3.50 for a sausage in bread, with or without onions. The price of drinks remains $1.50.

All funds raised continue to go directly to the community group running the BBQ.

Free mobile payment option

Bunnings now offers a free mobile payment option. Be sure to ask your store Activities Organiser about this option once your application has been approved.  

What do we need to supply?

Supplied by Community Group

  • Minimum three volunteers
  • Sausages, bread, onion, condiments, drinks
  • Napkins, garbage bags, condiment bottles
  • Cleaning equipment, hand wash, paper towel and detergents
  • Heat proof gloves to handle the grease tray and a food grade thermometer
  • Cooking utensils (tongs, spatula, knives)
  • Small bottle of oil
  • Cash Float (recommended $100)
  • An EFT machine or contactless payment device supplied by the group can be used
  • Cloth aprons and disposable gloves
  • Appropriate food grade storage containers
  • Coolers with sufficient ice to maintain the temperature of raw products and a thermometer to check food is at the required temperature

Supplied by Bunnings

  • Stainless steel barbecue unit
  • Bunnings gazebos
  • Steel sausage holder
  • Sand bags (for gazebos)
  • Fire extinguisher and fire blanket
  • A-frame Blackboard to display your group name, prices and thecashless options
  • Gas
  • Free mobile payment facilities
  • Fresh water filled container for hand washing and cleaning utensils
  • Trestle table to store supplies on and serving tables
  • Degreaser and cleaning supplies
  • During extreme heat a battery-operated fan will be supplied

And lastly…

The Bunnings sausage sizzle has grown to become both a valued fundraising avenue for eligible community groups and an important part of the Bunnings experience for our customers.

We love welcoming you, our communities, into our stores and helping raise funds to support your many and varied important causes.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

A person holding a sausage in bread out the front of a Bunnings store




Our preference at Bunnings is to support local community groups by providing hands-on assistance with their projects. Wherever possible, our teams take the opportunity to get out into the community and help with grassroots projects, like assisting with garden makeovers and providing D.I.Y. support. We also regularly donate products for community activities including raffles and fundraising events.

Requests for hands-on support should be made in writing on the community or charitable organisation’s original letterhead, and sent to your nearest Bunnings store, to the attention of the Activities Organiser.

Bunnings team members regularly conduct D.I.Y. Workshops for local community groups, like schools and kindergartens, nursing homes and hospitals.

Our teams can head out and visit a community group, or welcome a community group into the D.I.Y. area for a workshop.

Workshops are tailored for the needs of each community group and can include gardening, craft, woodwork, water and energy saving activities, as well as kids activities. 

Please contact the Activities Organiser at your local Bunnings store to discuss how the team might be able to support your community group.

Our stores conduct many of activities with local schools and kindergartens, including our Schools Sustainability Program, Grow Your Own gardening activities and a range of other initiatives.
Our support of local organisations and causes include Lions Australia, Rotary, Girl Guides, Scouts Australia, The Salvation Army and Men’s Sheds. Throughout the year stores also completed many activities supporting local sporting groups.
Our team members actively support groups such as Legacy and the RSL. In particular, stores invite local groups in-store to raise funds through the sale of ANZAC badges in April and poppies in November, as well as provide hands-on assistance such as maintaining memorials and shrines.
Local senior citizen groups are assisted through contributions and projects including garden makeovers, upkeep for aged care facilities, Meals on Wheels and D.I.Y. Workshops. Our team members also support local health and wellbeing groups throughout the year.

We have produced an annual community report card since 2004 which provides detailed information on our ongoing community support and sustainability initiatives. The 2023 community report card (near the top of this page) highlights our actions and achievements during the 2023 financial year.

2023 community report card (PDF, 2MB)
2022 community report card (PDF, 2MB)
2021 community report card (PDF, 7MB)
2020 community report card (PDF, 2MB)
2019 community report card (PDF, 4.9MB)
2018 community report card (PDF, 3.1MB)
2017 community report card (PDF, 794.7KB)
2016 community report card (PDF, 1.5MB)
2015 community report card (PDF, 1.5MB)
2014 community report card (PDF, 1.5MB)
2013 community report card (PDF, 1.2MB)
2012 community report card (PDF, 675.4KB)
2011 community report card (PDF, 1.5MB)
2010 community report card (PDF, 1.5MB)
2009 community report card (PDF, 838.6KB)\
2008 community report card (PDF, 476.9KB)
2007 community report card (PDF, 1.5MB)
2006 community report card (PDF, 1.4MB)
2005 community report card (PDF, 19.9MB)
2004 community report card (PDF, 20.8MB)


The 2021 Wesfarmers sustainability website provides a detailed insight into the heart of our day to day business practices covering our health, safety and environmental performance as well as our community involvement activities. What we do in these areas is a very tangible part of who we are. This reporting is voluntary and publicly demonstrates our commitment to continually improving our performance in these areas. By reporting in this way, we make ourselves accountable to achieve improvements.