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The Bunnings story


Arthur and Robert Bunning arrive in Western Australian (WA) and soon after they purchase their first sawmill. Bunning Bros is incorporated in 1907.
Bunning Bros shopfront in 1886.


Bunnings expand in the WA market, adding building supplies to the existing timber business, become a public company and the leading supplier of WA hard woods to the housing construction industry.
Old Bunnings logo from 1952.


Bunnings grows through acquisition. Bunnings purchase Alco Handyman operations in WA and merge operations to significantly increase exposure to the D.I.Y. market.
Alco Handyman shopfront in 1989.


Bunnings purchase McEwans Ltd in Victoria and South Australia, enabling expansion of operations to the east coast.
McEwans logo.


Bunnings open their first Bunnings Warehouse in the Melbourne market and Wesfarmers go to 100% ownership.
Exterior of Bunnings Warehouse in Sunshine, Victoria.


Purchased the BBC Hardware network including Hardwarehouse and Benchmark stores in Australia and New Zealand, allowing Bunnings to expand internationally into the New Zealand market.
Collage of BBC Hardware, Hardwarehouse and Benchmark Building Supplies logos.


Purchased Homebase network in United Kingdom and Ireland. *Wesfarmers divested Bunnings UK & Ireland June 2018.

Homebase shopfront in 2016.


Bunnings commences eCommerce in Australia through the launch of Special Orders Online with 20,000+ products available for purchase.
Screenshot of the Bunnings Special Orders Online website page in 2018.


Bunnings continues to expand its operations with new warehouses, smaller format stores and trade centres throughout Australia and New Zealand.
Three Bunnings Team Members smiling with their thumbs up.