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What is Garden Corner?

It’s every budding gardener's dream space. Here you can learn how to grow and care for indoor and outdoor plants, be inspired by what to plant today, get that herb and vegie patch growing or curate the best lawn on the street. You’ll be a fully skilled home gardener in no time.

For planting advice tailored to your area and climate, make sure you select your nearest store so we can give you the best growing advice!

plants in garden bed

Project of the month

How to plant a tree

Got a spot in the garden that needs something substantial to fill it? Try planting a tree. It’s one of the most wonderful and generous things you can do in the garden. It’s a gift for the future—one that will return enormous benefits for generations to come.

Australia Eucalyptus tree from a low angle

Grow your own edible garden

What we’re doing in the garden this month

Bring your home to life with plants