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Indoor potted and hanging plants.

Staying Grounded Podcast

All your gardening needs in one podcast. Available on your favourite podcast app.

There’s never been a better time to get into plants and gardening

If you love anything to do with plants, gardening and greenery, indoors and out, Staying Grounded by Bunnings is the podcast for you. Join horticulturalist Chloe Thomson as she chats to a whole range of garden designers, landscapers, outdoor experts, growers and all-round plant people to uncover the answers to burning questions such as: ‘Just how big is my rubber plant going to get?’ and ‘What’s making holes in my broccoli?’. Perhaps your garden space is just a sunny windowsill, a third floor balcony, a compact urban courtyard or half an acre of wilderness waiting to be tamed – it doesn’t matter, you’ll find gems here to help. And whether you’re embarking on the adventure of growing your own veggies, looking to add to your gardening know-how or simply want to learn how to avoid murdering your Boston fern, tune in Staying Grounded to find a wealth of information to help your plants flourish and your garden grow. 

Garden with flowers and paving.

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Chloe Thomson

Hosted by Chloe Thomson

Chloe has gardened on a small farm, in tiny apartments, in crowded share houses and on a suburban house block. She's a 'Gardenette', a member of the power duo creating retro-tinged gardening and cooking content with a love for organic advice.
Her studies in Agricultural Science and Urban Horticulture, coupled with experience presenting on Channel 9's The Garden Gurus, and writing for gardening publications, boasts a strong passion for all things growing and cooking.
Keep up with Chloe by following her at: @beantheredugthat.


Episode 1: The indoor plant bonanza

Chloe Thomson and Plant Mama @plantmama_ take your questions on all things indoor plants.

Has your orchid stopped flowering? Succulents not lasting as long as they should? Get ready to join the indoor plant craze.

Living room with couch and coffee table, and full of indoor plants.

Episode 2: Dig in – what you need

Chloe Thomson and Dale Vine @vineyd share the basic tools and kit you need to set yourself up for garden success. Indoors or outdoors, it’s more than just soil and gloves.

Bench of plants, pots and garden tools.

Episode 3: Eat your garden

Chloe Thomson and Paul West @_paul_west_ take us through how easy it is to eat your garden. From what to plant when, planning according to your available space (e.g. vertical gardens, small space) the set up and maintenance, for indoors and outdoor veggie and herb gardeners alike.

Herbs in pots.

Episode 4: Let me entertain you

Chloe Thomson and Adam Robinson @adamrobinsondesign talk about how to create a cosy outdoor zone in your garden.

They answer your questions on privacy screening, outdoor furniture and which plants best enhance fragrance and colour in this space.

Outdoor entertaining area with outdoor setting and lots of plants.

Episode 5: Colour your garden

Chloe Thomson and Tammy Huyhn @leaf_an_impression look at creating a colourful garden. Everything from tone on tone colour palettes, to planting for year-round colour.

They also cover tips on which colours to paint your outdoor spaces, including how darker colours recede and make your green plants pop.

Purple, yellow and orange flowers.

Episode 6: Flower fair

Chloe Thomson and Sam @sam_and_wild_violet_garden discuss growing from seed and where to start with soil improvement. From when to plant, nurture and how best to grow flowers for display in your own home.

White roses.

Episode 7: Low maintenance, high impact

Chloe Thomson and Charlie Albone @charlie_albone talk about low maintenance gardens, choosing the right plants for your space and the importance of weeding.

Charlie has great tips on growing a green lawn your neighbours will envy.

Green lawn leading to decking.