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 kids activities in the backyard set up with rope and other craft products for DIY feel

The February Bunnings magazine is now available

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Magazine cover for the February 2024 version of the magazine in tilted format

Pet of the month: Niko the red collar lorikeet

This cheeky charmer loves to trill and chill

1. I live in Redfern, NSW, mostly in my cage.

2. My preferred mode of transport is my human’s left shoulder.

3. My morning routine is a big stretch, and waking the neighbours with my vocal warm-up.

4. I find it difficult to escape! I haven’t mastered unlocking my cage door – yet.

5. My best friend is my human brother Billy.

6. I love to eat Billy’s leftover green vegies.

7. My perfect day is a bath, a neck scratch and a chat to other birds.

8. I often wonder what is the cat thinking when she stares at me? Am I that handsome?

Pet of the month: Niko the red collar lorikeet