What is the best lawn type for your home?

Thinking about planting a new lawn but don’t know where to start? Not all lawns are the same. Just as with other plants, you need to consider important factors like climate, soil type, water and maintenance.

Start by answering these questions

How will the lawn be used?

Every garden is different – it might be a space for the kids to run and play or a perfectly pristine place to relax. So be sure to choose a lawn that’s tough enough to suit your needs. 

What’s the climate?

The amount of water, sun and shade in your garden will determine which lawn is right for you. Some hardy lawns, like Emerald Kikuyu, can withstand both drought conditions and waterlogging.

What’s your soil type?

Check your soil type with a pH test kit. Most lawn species grow best in well-drained soil with a pH level of 5.5–6.5. If your soil has too much sand or clay, or a pH level outside this range, you will need to improve it first by using a soil activator.

Seed or turf?

Seed is a great choice when you need to grow large areas of lawn on a tight budget and time is not an issue, while turf is typically more expensive per square metre, but gives instant results. 

Which type of lawn is best?

With lots of lawns to choose from, here are three popular lawn types for Australian gardens:


Emerald Kikuyu

Emerald Kikuyu is a tough hard-wearing lawn type, making it a good choice for kids and pets. Available as lawn seed, Emerald Kikuyu is darker in colour with a finer leaf texture. 


Emerald Kikuyu can withstand both drought conditions and water logging. It can tolerate full sun and semi-shade, and grows well in temperatures between 15 and 40°C. 

Soil type 

Emerald Kikuyu prefers well-structured fertile soils but will grow in a wide range of soils, from sand to clay.


Couch blends

Couch blends use a mix of different grass types to create a hard-wearing lawn that’s excellent for high-traffic areas. Available as seed, the blends often contain ryegrass, which provides cover and helps prevent weeds while the couch is establishing. 


Couch blends are suitable for most areas of Australia and will grow well in warmer areas. They can tolerate full sun to semi-shade. 

Soil type

Couch blends can be grown in a wide range of soil types, from clay to sandy.

instant turf

Sir Walter Buffalo Turf

Sir Walter Buffalo Turf is an extremely resilient, low-maintenance lawn that thrives in shade and heat without much water – making it the perfect choice for Aussie gardens. Available in turf rolls, Sir Walter has a soft leaf and the ability to repair itself. 


Sir Walter Buffalo Lawn is great for shady areas and harsh hot conditions, even with minimal water.

Soil type

Sir Walter Buffalo Lawns thrive in the 6 to 7.5 pH range. Be careful to check fertilisers and weed sprays, as it can be damaged by the wrong products.

Ready to lay your lawn?

Check out our how-to guides on laying instant turf and growing grass from seed.

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Health & Safety

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