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Entertaining outdoors

Entertaining is a breeze with the right planning and know-how.

Take some time to consider how many guests are coming and whether you'll be eating indoors or outside. Do you need to consider any dietary needs? Think about plates (biodegradable or crockery), cutlery and food coverings to stop any flies from dining before you do.

If seating is a problem, there are plenty of outdoor chairs to choose from that will complement an existing set. For extended gatherings, remind guests to B.Y.O ice, drinks and eskies too.

For some extra shade, try a temporary solution like a portable gazebo or umbrella. They're quick to pack-down again and will get plenty of use on the next beach trip.

Now it's time to organise the barbecue. Give it a good scrub and make sure that your gas bottle is at the ready.

D.I.Y. ideas to get you started

Family fun and games

Break out the craft box and put an end to school holiday boredom.

You can create all kinds of classic backyard games like noughts and crosses or cricket with supplies you might already have at home.

Get the sleepover started by creating your own play tent. Or, if you're looking for a break, set the kids up to camp out in the backyard. Added bonus if you make popcorn and the WiFi signal extends far enough for a movie.

For more ideas, get in touch with your local Bunnings and find out about any kids' activities they might have to offer.

Simple D.I.Y. ideas