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  • Boosted levels of iron and calcium produce lush, deep green leaves and assist in the prevention of diseases like Blossom End Rot that can affect tomatoes, capsicums and zucchinis
  • Wetting agent assists moisture to soak into the mix and helps roots absorb nutrients
  • Growth stimulants encourage the proliferation of soil microorganisms and earthworms that improve soil quality and help plants absorb nutrients better
  • Certified to meet the Australian Standard for Premium potting mixes

A specially formulated potting and planting mix for vegetables, tomatoes and herbs in pots, in the garden and in raised beds and planter boxes. It includes Scotts Osmocote® that feeds for 4 months.


In pots, boxes and raised beds

Use Tomato, Vegetable & Herb Mix straight from the bag - don't mix it with other materials. Close the bag tightly after use
Water plants that are to be repotted, especially soft seedlings, and allow them to drain
Choose a clean container with large drainage holes and partly fill it with fresh mix out of the bag
For advanced seedlings - carefully knock the plant to be potted up from its existing pot and loosen the root ball. Trim off any dead or damaged roots. Young seedlings should be carefully removed from the punnet or cell pack and the roots should preferably not be disturbed
Place the plant in the centre of the pot if growing individually, or arrange as preferred for multiple plantings, and fill with the mix to 2-3cm below the rim
Tap the new pot or container gently on the bench to help the new mix settle in and around the roots - do not pack it down
Water the pot thoroughly (until water runs from the drainage holes) then allow it to drain freely. If necessary, top the mix up again to the suggested level
Place the pot or container in a sheltered spot for a few days to allow the plant to settle and acclimatise before moving back to its permanent home

In-ground planting

Prepare the soil in the vegetable patch and form a shallow trench for sowing seeds or planting out a row of young plants
Line the base of the planting trench with Vegetable, Tomato & Herb Mix
Sow seeds along the depression as per packet instructions and cover over lightly with more mix
For seedlings - carefully remove advanced plants or seedlings from packs, punnets or trays


Tomato, Vegetable & Herb Mix may be used at any time of the year when new crops are being sown or planted


Don't use for phosphorus sensitive plants
Don't use in hydroponic growing systems or ponds
Don't use on lawns - use only specifically named lawn topdress soils on grassed areas


CAUTION: This product may cause staining of hard surfaces if wet. Avoid contact with hard surfaces and if contact does occur, sweep off immediately

When using potting mixes, we recommend the use of garden gloves to protect your hands

SAFETY FIRST: Read the instructions on the product packaging before use and take particular note of any warnings or cautions on the label

See the Safety Data Sheet for this product


Scotts Osmocote® Controlled Release Fertiliser in this potting mix provides plant nutrition and trace elements for up to 4 months

We will gladly assist with returns and exchanges of this product in accordance with our returns and exchanges policy

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