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Wrap & Move 2 Bedroom Unit Packing Bundle

Featuring a range of light and heavy duty moving cartons for items of all sizes, a tape dispenser, bubble wrap, a mattress protector, moving bag and butchers paper. This bundle is perfect for moving a two-bedroom home. 

Assorted moving boxes, bags and bubble wrap.

Tips and tricks from Wrap & Move

Twenty tips for an easy house move

When moving to a new home, preparation is key. Follow our 20 tips for a successful shift, to help take the pressure off relocating. 

Packing boxes on a truck with table

How to get your rental bond back

If you're about to move on from your rental property, you want to make sure you leave it squeaky clean. We've got great tips to help you leave the property looking brand new and get your bond back.

Packing boxes loaded onto truck