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A pristine outdoor pool with deck chairs and lush green plants.
The holidays are nearly upon us and everything you need for a relaxing escape is in your own backyard, with HY-CLOR.

Summer lovin'

Sunshine, cool drinks and sparkling pristine water, inviting you to dive on in. The recipe for an amazing summer holiday is simple and, with your own pool, you've got all the ingredients at home. With help from HY-CLOR, you can transform your home pool into the scene of your best ever summer holiday.

Swim scene

One of the nicest things about a resort break is enjoying a pool that someone else is looking after, but with HY-CLOR, you can spend less time making your home pool swimmable and more time paddling in its pristine waters.

HY-CLOR 3 in 1 combines a stabiliser, algaecide and sanitiser to produce a chlorine product that works harder, so you don't have to. HY-CLOR stabiliser extends the life of sanitising chemicals, so you'll be doing even less pool maintenance and more poolside lounging.

Clear and cool

This year, the holiday setting might be your own backyard, but the crystal-clear water will be bang on, thanks to HY-CLOR.

If a winter of inactivity has your pool looking more like a stagnant pond, HY-CLOR's Cloud Out products will bring it back to sparkling in no time. Cloud Out pool reviver improves the performance of pool chemicals and prevents algae growth, while Cloud Out clear tablets capture fine particles to turn murky water into an invitingly clear pool you'll love to dive into.

Spa resort

You deserve a little self-indulgence, but you don't need to go far to get that spa resort treatment. HY-CLOR Evo Mineral pool salt introduces natural minerals to a saltwater pool, making it soft, silky and gentle on your skin, eyes and hair, especially for sensitive swimmers.

Need to up your home-pampering game? HY-CLOR's spa range turns your backyard spa into the most indulgent, rejuvenating bath you could imagine. Just tip Spa Relax salts under running water and be enveloped in clouds of lavender fragrance, then soak all your cares and muscle soreness away.

Need a little help to get your pool prepped for summer?

Check out the pool water testing service in-store.


Photo credit: Brigid Arnott

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Health & Safety

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