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Four people enjoying a Bestway inflatable spa near a pool
Enjoy a versatile spa experience with the portable and affordable Lay-Z-Spa™.

Soak Star

Spas have known health benefits, plus they’re a great way to spend quality family time. It’s no wonder so many people want one of their own, but cost and space are often a barrier. Lay-Z-Spa™ is designed to be affordable and portable, so you can enjoy a spa experience wherever and whenever you want.

A Bestway inflatable spa on a pool deck at night

A spa for all seasons

Lay-Z-Spa™ is made with innovative DuraPlus™ material and can be inflated in as little as five minutes, with no tools required. Its pump is designed with Freeze Shield™ technology, which monitors ambient air temperature to ensure it stays operational, even below 6°C. This means you can enjoy your spa year-round, whether you’re at home or packing it with you on a holiday – even camping trips!

A Bestway inflatable spa with a cover on a grass lawn

Welcome wellbeing

There’s nothing more blissful than sinking into a warm spa, but the health perks are more tangible than a de-stressing soak. The combination of warm water and the Lay-Z-Spa™ massage system can aid sports recovery, relieve pain and help improve sleep. Water heated to 40°C acts as natural pain relief, stimulating the release of endorphins, while the Airjet™ Massage System helps loosen and relax muscles. Studies also show a drop in body temperature after coming out of a spa helps induce a deeper sleep.

A couple enjoying a Bestway inflatable spa on a lawn

Added benefits

Worried about high power bills? The Lay-Z-Spa™ has a power-saving function and a 30-minute auto shut-off on the massage system. Plus, with the Lay-Z-Spa™ Wi-Fi app, you can control your spa from anywhere – just sync the spa pump with your home Wi-Fi (available on Airjet Plus™ models only).

We haven’t forgotten the fun, either. The Lay-Z-Spa™ includes waterproof LED lights, drinks holders and entertainment stations.

A woman enjoying a Bestway inflatable spa

Some products are not available at all Bunnings stores, but may be ordered.

Safety guidelines: It is essential that all safety guidelines for set up and maintenance of a Lay-Z-Spa™ are followed as per the user manual. The spa heater must be connected directly to an earthed power outlet and able to support the power consumption of 2050W when the heating function is activated. To be sure that your power outlet is compliant with required power, always consult an electrician. Consult your local chemical/pool supplier regarding the correct chemicals to maintain your Lay-Z-Spa™. Always use the spa cover to avoid damage to the top surface of the spa when not in use. All spa pools should conform to your local authority’s safety regulations and guidelines.

It's all about choice

Choose your favourite Lay-Z-Spa™ and check out our Bestway range.


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