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A monster themed smartphone holder in situ


Get the kids involved in Father's Day this year with our monster arts and crafts project. Let their imagination run wild, creating a holder for Dad to rest his smart phone in when charging.

Tools and materials

Tools and materials


    1Gather your tools and materials

    Below are all of the tools and materials you'll need to complete this project.
    Topdown view of a packet of putty, paintbrushes and a variety of paints

    2Prepare the clay

    Start by kneading the clay, either through the plastic or straight on the table (it will wash off). This will help soften it up and make it easier to work with. Once finished kneading, form a ball and separate into two pieces – one for the head and one for the body. If the clay is drying out, add some water.

    Clay being prepared for molding

    3Shape the clay

    Flatten out one piece of clay and pinch out the sides to form the bottom of the mouth. Start to form the head of the monster with the second piece of clay, rolling it out flat and then placing it on top of the first piece to create a top. You may need some extra clay to support it from the inside, sides and top.

    Clay being shaped into the form of a monster head

    4Smooth out the shape

    Dip your fingers into the bowl of water and start smoothing out the joins between your two pieces of clay. At this point, make sure the bottom of the head is longer than the top!

    Clay taking the shape of a monster's head

    5Add a charging cable hole

    Use the pen or pencil to poke a hole in the back of the clay where the charging cable will come through. Make sure to create a bigger hole than what you'll need as the clay will shrink and the hole will be smaller when dried.

    A charge cable hole being cut out of the back of a clay monster head

    6Decorate your monster

    Now's the time to add some personality to your monster! Add a tongue, spikes, teeth or eyeballs using extra clay. When attaching these elements, use a little water on the edge of each piece to help the clay stick. Don't forget to smooth each join down! Once you've finished creating the monster, leave to dry for 24–48 hours.

    A clay monster head being painted

    7Add some colour

    Paint your monster with the acrylic paints – don't forget to get creative! You might need to do more than one coat. Let the paint dry before wrapping it up for Dad.

    Three finished smartphone holders

    8Continue the crafting

    Explore our full range of craft materials for your next arts and crafts project.

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