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A string of fairy lights across the front of a house


It’s not Christmas without a few festive lights out the front of your house. Here’s how to hang them safely, using gutter hooks. The best bit? You won’t need to bang in a single nail!


1Gather your tools and materials

Below are all of the tools and materials you'll need to complete this project.
Ladder, lights and hooks laid out on the ground.

2Choose your lights

Bunnings has an enormous selection of Christmas lights in-store. This year, we're opting to hang Lytworx LED icicle lights. Not only do these look great, but they're also super high-tech and you can control them from your smart phone, allowing you to alter the brightness, set them to a timer – and even sync them with music!
A person standing at a table with a box of LED string lights and packets of fittings

3Figure out where you want them to go

Size up your home and decide where you'd like to hang your lights. Once you've figured it out, grab a ladder and climb up to hang your gutter hooks. These things are fabulous, as they simply click over the ridge of your gutter and provide a hook to hang your lights. If you're renting and worried about getting your bond back, or you don't have any gutters in the area you want to hang your lights, you may like to use removable adhesive hooks – a range of these can also be found at Bunnings. Remember – if you're using a ladder; get a friend to spot you. And make sure you don't stand any higher than the top step.
One person holding a stepladder while another person hangs a gutter hook at the front of a house

4Test your lights

Before you get up there and string your lights up, plug them in to make sure they're all working first. Check your lights thoroughly for any cuts in the insulation, or exposed wires – this can be a fire risk.
A person plugging a string of lights into an extension lead

5Get hanging!

Once you've uncoiled your lights (not a fun job if you've just stuffed them in a box after last year!), simply hang them through your hooks.
A person reaching up to attach a string of lights to gutter hooks

6Switch them on!

Once everything is hung you're good to go. Remember, you can control the settings of your Bluetooth lights from your phone, so download the app and get set up! It's hours of fun!
An entry porch with entry light and a string of fairy lights

7Feeling crafty?

We have plenty more Christmas craft ideas to choose from or you can head to your local Bunnings store's craft aisle for inspiration.

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