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garden bed with plants
Are you looking for a great gift for the gardener in your life? We’re sharing nine unique ideas they’re sure to love.

Green thumbs love garden-themed gifts. Whether they’re an experienced grower or just starting out, you can find a present that’s perfect for their hobby. Here are nine ideas to help inspire you.

Get them growing

If you know someone who is a budding green thumb, encourage their new pastime by putting together a planting starter’s kit. Choose a pretty pot and fill it with quality garden tools that are sure to come in handy. (For example, this three-piece, stainless steel garden hand tool set.)

Alternatively, get them started on creating their own herb garden. Select some pots, choose a few herbs you know they’ll love, and gift it together with some potting mix.


Showcase their personal style

For gardeners with a keen sense of style, give them a unique plant pot they can fill and display as they choose. Our range of contemporary indigenous art planters are beautiful and make a striking addition to any home. Sales from this range also directly benefit the artist and their communities.

Choose something specific

Some people are passionate about one particular type of plant or flower. Help them cultivate their own boutique garden with an all-in-one starter kit that includes a growing container or pot, seeds, soil pellets and growing instructions. They can grow their own jacaranda bonsai, for example, or cheerful sunflowers.

Take it to the next level

For more serious gardeners who are interested in upgrading their growing abilities or trying something new, this adjustable indoor umbrella grow light will help them grow plants and herbs inside without any natural light. It’s an LED light specifically engineered to stimulate plant growth indoors.

This hydrogarden all-in-one grow kit is another garden game-changer. This smart indoor garden system provides ideal growing conditions and is an especially thoughtful gift for green thumbs with space or natural light limitations. It looks after your plant’s needs with a grow light on a timer, water level indicators and an adjustable light that ‘grows’ with your plants.

Get crafty

Do you know a gardener who also loves a good craft project? Double-up on their hobbies with a gift of paint-your-own pots. This kit includes two pots, paint and brushes so they can create decorative pots to house plants of their choosing.

Another creative gift is a Kokedama kit. A Kokedama is a ball of soil that is covered with moss, wrapped in twine and displayed on a ceramic stand. It is a unique way to grow an indoor plant, and it makes for an unusual and elegant display.

Give the gift of knowledge

You can’t go wrong with an old favourite, and this bestselling garden guide is filled with practical, reliable and comprehensive gardening advice. It is the perfect companion for gardeners of all abilities.

For a little something extra...

A Bunnings Gift Card is a great addition to any gift!

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