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Horticulturist with bag of Osmocote Rose, Gardenia & Azalea potting mix with a large white decorative pot and plant.
Horticulturist Melissa King shares expert advice on how to grow beautiful roses in pots.


Safety tip: Always wear gloves and a mask when handling potting mix and store all garden chemicals out of the reach of children and pets.

Heaven scent

Roses have a wow factor. Their magnificent showy flowers, sweet perfume and hardy versatility make them an enduring favourite. And there is a rose for every garden, from flowering shrubs to groundcovers, miniatures, standards and climbers. 

Growing in pots

Roses love to be planted in bright sunny spots - about six hours of sunlight per day is ideal. For beautiful, long-lasting displays, position them in an area protected from strong winds.
After you’ve selected the perfect pot (at least 50cm in diameter), fill it partway with Scotts Osmocote Rose, Gardenia & Azalea Premium Potting Mix. This mix has been uniquely formulated with a slightly acidic pH and it has boosted levels of iron and magnesium to produce lush, deep green leaves, while helping to eliminate yellowing and the premature drop of rose buds. Next, dig a planting hole slightly bigger than the root ball. Position the rose so that it’s planted at the same height as it was in the grower’s pot. Backfill with potting mix and water it well.

Horticulturist Melissa King fills an outdoor pot with Scotts Osmocote Rose, Gardenia & Azalea potting mix.


Water newly planted roses thoroughly for the first few months until they are well established. Roses prefer a regular, deep soak, rather than a light sprinkling. To reduce the risk of fungal disease, water your plants at the root zone, not over the foliage. Also, try to water first thing in the morning – water left to sit on foliage overnight can encourage fungal disease. Once established, roses are remarkably tolerant of dry conditions. 

Close up of pink Floribunda roses

Flower power

In early spring, give your roses a good dose of Scotts Osmocote Rose, Gardenia & Azalea Controlled Release Fertiliser to promote vigorous, healthy growth and masses of stunning flowers. Give repeat flowering roses another boost with Scotts Osmocote in late summer to promote wonderful autumn displays.  

Horticulturist Melissa King sprinkles Scotts Osmocote Rose, Gardenia & Azalea Controlled release fertiliser around a potted plant.  

Planning on growing more plants in pots?

Shop our entire Scotts Osmocote range for all the plant care essentials you need.

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