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Close up of two hands directing two toy trains toward one another on a wooden toy track. A tube of Selleys Power Grip super glue is in centre
Selleys Power Grip is versatile and shockproof glue that sticks and withstands virtually anything. See how Selleys Power Grip can that help you save those broken items you love.

1. Fix a ceramic garden ornament

Accidents happen. Fortunately, a broken garden ornament is something you can easily mend without a fuss. 

Start by brushing off dirt and dust from surfaces. Next, apply Selleys Power Grip  to one side and press together. Then simply wipe away excess with a damp cloth and let dry. Selleys Power Grip also has gap filling properties so if there are bits in the break that are missing, Power Grip will help to fill them! 

2. Fix a loose shoe sole

A loose shoe sole doesn't have to mean the end of your shoes! The shockproof properties of Selleys Power Grip are perfect to ensure you can wear them without worry. 

To fix, brush dirt from inside of sole and apply beads of Selleys Power Grip evenly to the surfaces and press together. Weight down for up to 12 hours and your shoes are ready for walking!

3. Fix a handbag strap

A great handbag can last a lifetime, but sometimes, straps can come apart. Instead of spending a small fortune to replace your bag, simply fix it. This will only work well for wide hand bag straps (allows enough space for the glue to grip).

To repair your strap, remove existing adhesive with non-acetone based cleaner. Next, apply a thin bead of Selleys Power Grip to bag and press together. Allow to dry for 12 hours before using. 

4. Fix a wooden toy

Kids have a habit of breaking things, whether it's your fine china or their favourite wooden toys. Instead of binning them, give them another chance at life by gluing them back together. 

Brush off any dirt and dust then apply a thin bead of glue to surfaces and press together. Allow to dry for 12 hours before handing back – the shockproof properties of Selleys Power Grip will withstand even the toughest battering.

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Check out the Selleys range to learn more about their products.


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