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UN-REAL Hedge & Plants

UN-REAL 140cm Artificial Banana Tree Plant

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I/N: 0084077

UN-REAL 140cm Artificial Banana Tree Plant


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  • Instant designer appeal and maintenance free
  • Indoor only
  • Beautiful large realistic green leaves
  • Adds beauty, style and design to your home
Embrace the tropical vibes with the UN-REAL 140cm Artificial Banana Tree Plant. Known for its lush and wide leaves that gently arch downwards, the banana tree is a symbol of abundance and fertility in many cultures. Our artificial version captures the essence of this tropic wonder, bringing the spirit of the exotic right into your home without the need for watering or sunlight.

Originating in the humid rainforests of South Asia and the Pacific region, the banana tree has traveled far and wide, adorning homes and gardens with its unique foliage. Now, with our UN-REAL Banana Tree Plant, you can enjoy this tropical beauty without having to worry about its typically demanding care requirements.

Style Tips:

- Tropical Aesthetics: Create a tropical oasis in your living room, bedroom or sunroom. Pair the Banana Tree with other tropical-inspired artificial plants such as the Monstera and Palm Tree to complete the look.

- Bold Statement: Standing at 140cm, this Banana Tree is a fantastic statement piece. Its large, dramatic leaves will command attention in any space, making it an ideal focal point.

- Indoor Jungle: If you're a fan of the indoor jungle trend, this Banana Tree is a must-have addition. Combine it with various other artificial plants from our UN-REAL range to create a lush, green, maintenance-free indoor jungle.

- Contemporary Spaces: The Banana Tree can also fit well in contemporary, minimalist decors. Its unique shape and form add a pop of green and a point of visual interest in a modern, clean-lined space.

Evoke a sense of tropical relaxation and abundance with the UN-REAL 140cm Artificial Banana Tree Plant, an effortlessly stylish and maintenance-free addition to your indoor spaces.












Easy To Carry

Total Weight 5.50kg


Model Name
140cm Artificial Banana Tree
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