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How to remove oil stains

Finding it impossible to remove oil stains from your driveway or garage floor? If so, we’ve got a few ideas that may help shift those stains for good.

Small Stains

There is a good chance that small, relatively new oil stains can be removed with hot water, detergent and a steel brush. Simply apply the detergent and scrub with a steel brush, clean with water then repeat if necessary.

Large Stains

For stubborn existing oil stains, you’ll need a degreaser. These powerful, concentrated, cleaners remove ingrained dirt, grease and oil deposits and most automotive fluids without damaging the surface. And, best of all, they work fast.

All degreasers will have application instructions for you to follow. Most importantly, be sure to wear the correct protective wear, especially gloves and goggles.

How to Remove Oil Stains With a Degreaser

1. Apply the recommended amount of driveway degreaser to the affected area (refer to product instructions for the recommended amount; for lighter duty cleaning, dilute the product with up to five parts water)

2. Leave for 1–3 minutes (for heavily soiled areas leave the driveway degreaser on the area a little longer before washing but do not allow the product to dry completely)

3. Work vigorously with a stiff or steel brush 

4. Leave for 5–10 minutes

5. Wash away with water

6. Any oil spot that has penetrated the substrate may re-surface within 24 hours following cleaning, if so, repeat the process

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