Kitchen makeover with Haus of Cruze

The Kitchen area of the Make It Yours home gets a makeover, courtesy of interior designers, stylists and content creators Az and Jamie from The Haus Of Cruze. (Instagram: @hausofcruze)

Our Host, Designer and Interior Stylist, Lucy Glade-Wright, follows the progress of the dynamic duo, who paint, re-lay the floor and show how easy it is to change the colour of a bench top and kitchen cupboards!

Don’t miss the hero piece, a stunning dowel feature panel beneath the kitchen bench, made using readily available materials and assembled in just a few easy steps, or Lucy’s secrets to choosing the looks you want at your place.

before and after kitchen
View of finished floating shelf, hung next to a hook rack and decorated with books and flowers

Lucy's tip: how to style a shelf

When it comes to simple home renovations, styling is the icing on the cake and a chance for you to add your own personality and really bring a room to life.

Styling should be fun so make sure you make the time to experiment and try lots of different things. You’ll be surprised what treasures you find.
Pick your large items first and place them on the shelf, then you can see the space you have to play with.
Style in odd numbers to create balance, you want to use 3, 5 or 7 items on a shelf.
Cookbooks are the perfect way to create a pop of colour and show your personality.
Fresh herbs look great and smell fantastic in your kitchen. Grab a small planter or a vase and add some freshness into your space.

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