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A monster themed noughts and crosses game on a wooden table


Who doesn't love noughts and crosses? This version is called Monster Noughts and Crosses and the whole family can play. Here's how to make your game at home.


1Gather your tools and materials

Below are all of the tools and materials you'll need to complete this project.

2Apply primer to the placemat

First, you'll need to apply primer to the placemat. Do this because it will make the colours of your board really pop. Once you've primed the mat, leave it to dry for about 20 minutes.

3Make your monsters

Select eight pebbles. These will transform into cool little monsters for your game. Because the pebbles have a glossy finish, it's a good idea to give each a light sand first so the paint will stick properly.
Nine flat white pebbles to use as playing pieces

4Start painting

Next up, get creative with the paint selection. Choose your favourite colours. We chose vibrant red and orange but select any colour you like. Acrylic paints work well and are safe for kids to use. Once you've painted the pebbles, set them aside to dry.

5Paint the board

Paint the topcoat on your playing board. Apply the paint quite thickly to that it covers the base layer.
A flat game board being painted with a base coat of white

6Decorate the monsters

This is the fun part. Give your monsters  some character. Glue on goggle eyes – try one, two, maybe even three. Attach these with PVA glue. Then use your sharpie to draw on faces and really bring your monsters to life.

7Make the board grid

To make the board grid, use your painters tape. Create a grid or pattern of squares. Measure it out with a ruler, or just guess how far apart to put your tape. Be sure to smooth the edges of the tape as you go.

8Paint the squares

We painted our squares a bright blue but select any colour you like. You'll need to apply two coats. Between each coat, allow time for the paint to dry. Once the final coat is dry, gently remove the tape.

9Winners are grinners

Game on. You're ready to play your very own game of Monster Noughts and Crosses.

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