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A completed and mounted height chart for a 2 meter call kid named Henry


A height chart is a fantastic gift or keepsake for a baby or child. Customise your own with this easy craft project. Follow our easy steps!


1Gather your tools and materials

Below are all of the tools and materials you'll need to complete this project.

2Paint your timber plank

Grab an appropriate length of timber from Bunnings and give it a paint – choose a colour you think your child will connect to and love. We opted for Dulux ‘Happy Days', but there are literally hundreds of paint options in-house. Get creative!

3Measure up

Figure out where you'd like to hang your height chart in your room. We're choosing to hang ours 30cm off the ground, so we'll start our measurements at that point. Use a clamp to secure your timber so it doesn't move while you're marking everything up – you want your measurements to stay accurate. 

4Mark your heights

Take your ruler and your pencil and mark every five centimetres of your wood. Then grab your numbers and mark out the 10cm increments along your height chart. Bunnings has a wide variety of letters and numbers, so you have plenty of options. Check out the wheelie bin numbers and the letterbox numbers for ideas.

5Decorate your numbers

If you're using wooden numbers, you may want to decorate them by using spray paint. Simply place them on a dust sheet or piece of newspaper and give them a spray with the colour of your choice. Hold the can around 20cm from the numbers and spray in nice, even strokes.

6Glue your numbers

Once your numbers are painted and dry, you're ready to glue them onto your timber. We used Boyle Super Strength Balsa Wood Glue, using the numbers' packaging as markers for our chart. We marked out every 10 centimetres, using 40 as our first measurement (as our chart started 30cm from the ground). Don't worry if your glue looks messy – it dries clear. Use a ruler to make sure you're sticking your numbers down straight and in the right spot.

7Admire your handiwork!

And you're done! Once your growth chart is dry it's ready to hang. We used 3M adhesive strips to affix ours to the wall – these work a treat. Just make sure you hang your height chart the appropriate distance from the ground, so the measurements are right. You may also want to customise with the name of your child at the top. They'll love tracking their progress!

8Watch more from the series

For more simple D.I.Y. inspiration check out the full episode from Make It Yours Kids Bedroom Makeover by Poppy Lee.

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Health & Safety

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