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Forget investing hundreds in outdoor feature lighting – you can create your very own showstopper with our D.I.Y. tree branch chandelier. As a temporary or permanent fixture in your outdoor entertaining area, it can spread some extra Christmas cheer or cast an intimate light on your outdoor space all year round.
What’s more, when you make it by yourself, it’s also guaranteed to be completely unique, creating a point of interest for all visitors. 

Using just spray paint and fairy lights you can transform a fallen tree branch into something unique! The fairly lights are waterproof and can withstand most weather conditions, making this a low maintenance option for your outdoor area.

Simply paint, wrap and hang – it’s that easy!


1Gather your tools and materials

Below you'll find all the tools and materials you'll need to complete this project.

2Lay the drop sheet

Lay the drop sheet on the ground or table wherever you'd like to work. You can also use newspaper if you don't have one.

3Spray paint

Put on your safety glasses, rubber gloves and face mask. Grab your white spray paint and prime each branch. Once you have covered your entire tree branch in spray paint, let it dry for at least two hours. It's best to check the back of your spray paint can for exact timings.

4Second coat

When your tree branch is dry, apply two coats of the metallic gold paint, leaving time after each coat to dry.

5Prepare your fairy lights

While the branches are drying, open up your box of curtain lights and unravel them. Be sure to place batteries in each pack.

6Wrap the fairy lights

Once you're sure that the tree branch is dry, it's time to wrap your fairy lights around and create your chandelier. Wrap each branch a couple of times and then let the fairy lights dangle from the tree.

7Attach the fishing wire

When you're happy with the way the chandelier looks, you'll need to attach fishing wire. Depending on how low you want your chandelier to hang, cut the wire at a length of 2 metres (or more).

Loop this under one branch and tie a knot at the top. Repeat this on another branch. You may need to apply more wire if your branches are on the heavy side.

8Mount the chandelier

Choose a place to hang your chandelier. Grab the step ladder and apply the clear adhesive hooks to the ceiling at the point you'd like to hang your chandelier.
You may need to use a few, depending on the weight of your branches. Make sure you have a friend or family member hold the base of the ladder while in use.

Wait for the hooks to stick before hanging anything on them.

9Hang the chandelier

Carefully hang your tree branch from the ceiling hooks with the attached wire.

Now it's time to plug in and turn on the fairy lights, using an extension lead if necessary.

10Light up your life

Wait for the sun to set to really admire your handiwork.

For more festive decorations, explore our full range of fairy lights, including curtain lights.

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