How to hang indoor plants from the ceiling

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Add interest to your room and create a stunning foliage focal point by hanging indoor plants from your ceiling. It’s really simple, here’s how.

Tools and materials

Boston fern


Drill bit set

Eye protection

Macramé hanger

Plant pot

Spring toggle hook set (including screw with hook, spring toggle, washer)

Step ladder

indoor plants

1. Choose which plant you’d like to hang

Before you start, decide what kind of plant you’d like hanging from your ceiling – we went with a Boston fern (as it has such lovely, dense foliage), but drooping/hanging plants like the ever-popular Devil’s Ivy or cute String Of Pearls look just as good. You’ll also need to pick a pot and hanger (if you’re not making your own, like we did) – Bunnings have a great selection in store.

indoor plants

2. Get your screws sorted

The best way to attach your hanger to the ceiling is by using a spring toggle hook set. First, you’ll want to attach your washer to the hook – this will sit flush to the plasterboard once the hook is screwed into the roof. Grab your spring toggle, place it on top of the hook and turn clockwise, turning the toggle’s ‘legs’ downwards. These toggles are great as they’ll spring out once you’ve placed them through your ceiling hole. They grab onto the plasterboard, stopping your hook from popping out and can support up to 10kg of weight. You don’t want to overload them though – make sure you weigh your pot and hanger first if you’re concerned.

indoor plants

3. Drill your hole

Once you’ve figured out where you’d like your pot to hang, grab some eye protection and drill and your hole. A little word of advice – don’t drill too close to adjoining walls as you don’t want your pot banging against them. Be decisive about where you want your pot to hang – once that spring toggle is in, it ain’t coming out!

indoor plants

4. Screw your hook in

Grab a stepladder and climb up to place your spring toggle into the hole you’ve just drilled. You’ll hear a click once it’s sprung out – give your hook a little jiggle to make sure it really is secure. Pull and twist your hook up so the washer is flush with the roof then pull down again for one last check – and you’re ready to hang! 

indoor plants

5. Hang your plant!

Once your hook is in place you’re good to go! Pre-purchase a hanging planter, and voila! You’ve now got your very own statement plant. How easy was that?

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