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Ceiling lights fill the room with ample light for working, entertaining and relaxing. Darren from Mercator explains how to choose the right ceiling lighting for your home.

What is a ceiling light?

Ceiling lights are usually round or square with a low profile, and they sit flat on the ceiling. Classic styles have been designed to blend into the background with an off-white glass or acrylic cover. If you want to make a statement, modern styles incorporate brushed aluminium sides for a sleek contemporary look.

You'll often find only ceiling lights in many Australian homes, simply because they're the great all-rounder. They are ideal for lighting up areas where you do your tasks or chores like the kitchen and bathroom, or for relaxing in living rooms and bedrooms.

Placement of the lights is everything

The usual location for ceiling lights is right in the middle of the room for maximum functionality. But you don't have to stick to tradition and Darren says they can be in any part of the room. “You might like to focus the light over a table in one room and then have it over a couch in another. So, it all comes down to personal preference.”

Different size ceiling lights are available, and you can usually choose an energy efficient globe with your preferred brightness and colour temperature. To be sure you choose the right size and quantity of lights, Darren's advice is to “check the room size and height of the ceiling.”

Make it dimmable

The secret to getting the most functionality out of ceiling lighting is to make it dimmable. Darren says this is his top tip for achieving a multi-purpose light that's good for working, or relaxing. “There are plenty of dimmer switches available, so it's a good idea to choose a dimmable globe for your ceiling lights. I would be grabbing the brightest lights and then making them dimmable.”

Mix and match your lights

Ceiling lights are often available with matching or complementary pendant and wall lights to create different moods and lighting effects. 

Darren suggests using the same style or theme throughout your home. “There's quite a few styles that include ceiling lights, pendants and wall lights. Sometimes there's even freestanding lamps too. You can also match different styles with other lights that have similar materials, colours and shapes.” 

Or you can use different types of light in the same style to create a feature in one room.

Never change a ceiling lightbulb again

Many ceiling lights are now available with integrated LED lights. These long-life LEDs are expected to last between 25,000 and 30,000 hours which should be well over 10 years of average use. 

Other ceiling lights make it easy to change light globes. However, if you select an energy efficient LED globe, it's likely to last just as long as the integrated LED lights. So, it'll be a long time before you need to make a change.

Get your ceiling lights

Discover the wide range of ceiling lights available at your local Bunnings Warehouse.


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