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Close up of several Globe light bulbs in the evening light.
There are so many different types of light bulbs and globes out there, it can be a little hard to know exactly which one you need. We shed some light on the most common types of globes available.

Bayonet cap

Abbreviation: BC
Diameter: 22mm

Bayonet light fittings are very popular. In particular, bayonet cap globes are commonly found around the home in lamps and household light fittings.

Diagram of a bayonet cap globe.

Small bayonet cap

Abbreviation: SBC
Diameter: 15mm

Small bayonet cap bulbs are a smaller version of the bayonet cap but with the same versatility and functionality. They're often used for automotive purposes, in torches etc.

A diagram of a small bayonet cap globe.

Edison screw

Abbreviation: ES
Diameter: 27mm

One of the other most common types of light globes to be found in Australian homes is the Edison screw. You'll find them in lamps and household light fittings.

A diagram of an Edison screw globe.

Lilliput Edison screw

Abbreviation: LES
Diameter: 5mm

Most often used for low voltage applications, the lilliput Edison screw is most commonly used for decorative lighting and model making.

A diagram of a Lilliput Edison screw globe.

Miniature Edison screw

Abbreviation: MES
Diameter: 10mm

The miniature Edison screw bulbs can be useful for automotive applications, torches and bike lights.

A diagram of a miniature Edison screw globe.

Candelabra Edison screw

Abbreviation: CES
Diameter: 12mm

Often used in decorative and ornamental fixtures such as chandeliers, candelabras and night lights.

A diagram of a candelabra Edison screw globe.

Small Edison screw

Abbreviation: SES
Diameter: 14mm

Small Edison screw globes are most commonly used for appliances such as ovens, decorative lighting and night lights. We've got some great tips on how to choose the right light for every situation.

A diagram of a small Edison screw globe.

Giant (Goliath) Edison screw

Abbreviation: GES
Diameter: 40mm

Mainly used for commercial and industrial purposes, the giant (or goliath) Edison screw bulb is ideal for high wattage applications.

A diagram of a giant Edison screw globe

GU10 halogen capsule bulb

Abbreviation: GU10
Diameter: 10mm

The GU10 halogen capsule is the globe most commonly used in household downlights, track and spot lighting. Choosing an energy saving light bulb is a great way to reduce your power bill at home and halogen globes are a popular choice.

A diagram of a GU10 halogen capsule bulb.

GU9 halogen capsule globe

Abbreviation: G9
Diameter: 9mm

More of a specialty globe, the G9 halogen capsule is most commonly used for automotive and industrial applications.

A diagram of a GU9 halogen capsule globe.

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