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A cake being baked in a cake tin, sitting in an open oven, with the cook piercing the top with a skewer
Give your kitchen a contemporary upgrade with Samsung appliances.

Cooking with gas

If you want a stove that heats up fast, a gas cooktop is a great way to go. The Samsung gas cooktop also has powerful triple-flame burners, ensuring your meals are cooked evenly all over. It’s safer, too, with a handy flame failure device that shuts off the burner if the flame goes out or a pan boils over. And stir-fry night will be a breeze, as the circular wok stand keeps large pans stable.

Person cooking capsicum in a non-stick pan on a gas cooktop

An oven that cleans itself

All you need to do is remove the top layer of dirt, close the oven, select the pyrolytic cleaning option, and the Samsung 70L pyrolytic oven magically cleans itself. There’s even a quick steam-clean function if you’re short on time.

Hot tip: Samsung’s dual fan-forced oven gives even heat for perfect cakes and roasts.

Easy-clean surfaces

Make washing up a breeze with easy-clean ceramic surfaces. The Samsung ceramic electric cooktop has a smooth glass surface, so you can wipe up most big spills with a soft cloth. It’s child-friendly, too, with a reliable child-safety lock and a safety shut-off. And easy-clean ceramics aren’t just for cooktops; Samsung’s 70L dual fan-force catalytic oven also has a handy ceramic interior.

Dish duty

Gourmet adventures might mean mess, but the clean up is so much easier with a Samsung dishwasher. Flexible interior space lets you easily fit in bigger pots, while the 70°C hygiene program kills off germs. And on the chef’s night off, the half load setting saves time and energy.

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Complete your kitchen fit out with our stylish Samsung appliances.

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