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Create a nice windowsill display that reflects your superior styling skills whilst also keeping your privacy protected with indoor plants.


Add height with large pots and tall plants

Do you have big windows but don't feel like closing your curtains for your curious neighbours all day? A few big plants in equally large pots will shield your home from prying eyes without ruining the careful design of your interior. Use a large but subtle and elegant plant pot  that lets plants speak for themselves. Combine the pot with a large zamioculcas or strelitzia, these plants love a spot in the sun in front of the window.

Indoor pot plants on a window shelf

Mix and match your plants and pots

Do you like a slightly messy, bohemian interior and don't mind letting your neighbours know? Use your windowsill as a proud display of your style by mixing up different plants and pots in various colours and sizes. From large to small, vintage to modern and sleek; a happy plant gang like this one is bound to make any passers-by smile. Do make sure your plants are having a good time on the windowsill as well: succulents or cacti are your best choice for this spot. 

A windowsill decorated with indoor plants

Add pops of colour with florals

Create a colourful distraction from the outside in, and amaze on-lookers with a row of beautiful orchids. Orchids aren't the easiest plants to keep, but with a specialised orchid pot you should be just fine. This pot has an elevated bottom, which allows for plenty of air and drainage for your orchid's roots, keeping both your orchids and your windowsill happy.

Person watering pot plants on a windowsill

Keep windowsills neat without overcrowding

If you love a minimal interior, you're probably not a fan of a crowded, messy windowsill. But you do still want to give your neighbours something to look at besides your gorgeous interior, so go for sleek green plants in pots with colours that match both your windowsill and frame. Think of an easy sansevieria in a minimal white pot, or a subtle palm.

Herbs look great (and taste even better)

Windowsills are the perfect spot for growing vegies and herbs indoors. Place a few pots with different vegies next to each other in a row or build a vertical garden with a few shelves in front of the window. Be warned: your neighbours might just show up unannounced during dinner time to taste some of those homegrown vegies!

Two pot plants on a windowsill

Time to style your windowsill

Now you know how to style your windowsill, head into your local Bunnings to pick one up the plants. If you need a pot, check out Elho's eco friendly range too. 


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