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A hand pumps fertiliser into a water plant bowl
Keep your indoor jungle lush and thriving with the new Scotts Osmocote indoor plant care range!


Team green

Indoor plants, like works of art, bring a finishing touch to our interiors with their diverse shapes, colours and textures. They can be used as styling elements on bookshelves, stands and benches. Not only do they add a bit of nature, they also have a wide range of health benefits like purifying the air and helping reduce stress. For many of us, traditional indoor plant care is often impractical and uses methods that are designed for outdoor use, like diluting concentrated fertiliser in watering cans or spray bottles. The new Scotts Osmocote indoor plant care range is designed for the indoor plant enthusiast and made for use indoors, with every product offering an easy and effective solution.

Dining room surrounded by a selection of indoor plants

Start with the right potting mix

The key to happy plants is a happy home for their roots. Scotts Osmocote Premium Potting Mix for Indoor Plants is the perfect foundation, formulated with ingredients like coir, sphagnum peat and perlite to improve water retention and allow air flow through roots. The unique formula doesn’t include pine bark or compost, which are known to shelter those pesky indoor bugs, fungus gnats.

A person misting a plant with an Osmocote spray fertiliser

Opt for specialised fertiliser

All plants need the right balance of nutrients and essential trace elements for healthy growth and strong root development.

Scotts Osmocote ‘Pour+Feed’ for Indoor Plants is a carefully balanced, ready-to-use, liquid fertiliser that delivers all the vital elements indoor plants need with visible results in just seven days. There’s no mixing and no mess, just pour a capful onto moist soil. It’s as simple as that.

Scotts Osmocote ‘Mist+Feed’ for Indoor Plants is a ready-to-use mist that is rapidly absorbed by leaves to help grow beautiful, green foliage. It also helps protect plants from the dry conditions often found in our living and working spaces.

Scotts Osmocote Controlled Release Fertiliser Tablets for Indoor Plants are a pre-measured dose which deliver essential nutrients for up to six months at the rate your plants need it. Simply push a tablet 3cm under the soil and water as usual. It’s that easy!

A person inserts a controlled release fertiliser tablet into potted plant soil

Don’t treat your potted and water plants the same

Water plants are the latest indoor plant trend, making delicate root systems a statement in glass vases or bowls. While traditional fertilisers can discolour the water and smell foul, Scotts Osmocote ‘Pump+Feed’ for Indoor Water Plants is clear, odourless and easy to use, thanks to its pump application. 

Keen to revive your indoor plants?

Shop our full range of Scotts Osmocote indoor plant care products.


Photo credit: Anna Robinson


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