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Pots with flowering plants hanging from the roof.


Maximise your growing space or create an eye-catching feature with a hanging basket garden. They are easy to create and look wonderful around the front entrance or backyard.


1Gather your tools and materials

Below are all of the tools and materials you'll need to complete this project.
birds eye view of potting mix, pots, plants, a spade, gloves, two containers of Seasol solution and a watering can

2Choose your baskets

The first thing you'll need to do is to pick your baskets – Bunnings has a huge range in store. If you're using a wire option, it should come with a coir weave liner (these are great, as they drain easily). Or you could opt for a plastic version, with self-watering mechanism.

When choosing your basket, remember that size is important – hanging baskets tend to dry out quickly, so the larger the basket, the less you'll need to water it. 300mm or 400mm are good sizes to start with.

Hanging basket gardens next to a bottle of Seasol seaweed solution.

3Fill your basket with soil

Once you've selected your basket, fill with premium quality potting mix – you can pick this up in-store too. If you're using a wire basket, remember to make sure your coir liner is in place first! Use your trowel to fill the soil almost to the top. Leave some space to allow for watering.

Bunnings Team Member using a spade to pour soil into a large pot

4Time to plant!

We're opting for maximum impact, so we're filling our basket with a selection of bright, cheery annuals, like pansies and alyssum – but the sky's the limit. Head to the garden section at your nearest Bunnings. If you're not feeling inspired, ask one of our experts to help you select your plants – they love helping people plan their gardens.

Gently remove your plants from their pots or punnets, making sure you don't damage the roots. Use several varieties in each basket if you like – lobelia looks particularly great placed around the outside, as it will grow prettily over the side. You could also try tailing plants or ground covers, herbs, strawberries or even vegetables such as the hanging basket tomato.

Bunnings Team Member placing a young potted flower in a larger pot

5Water everything in

Once your plants are in place, grab your watering can and give everything a really good water. Now is a good time to add a seaweed solution – follow the directions on the pack. One with an adjustable head is ideal for hanging.

Bunnings Team Member using a watering can to water flowers in large pot

6Give it a feed

Keep an eye on your plants, and water regularly. A watering wand is a great tool for this. Feed them with liquid fertiliser every few weeks. Following the instructions on the label.

Bunnings Team Member pouring a measured amount of Seasol Seaweed solution into the container's cap

7Admire your handiwork

And you're done! Place your basket in a light, sunny spot, and watch as it transforms your space with its cheer. How easy was that?

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