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Two trays of seedlings in a greenhouse.
Looking for an easy way to propagate your seeds using a greenhouse? Check out our five step guide on using the Holman 4 Tier Greenhouse with Misting Kit.

1. Set up the greenhouse

Start the assembly of the 4 tier greenhouse by laying out all of the parts, first you will want to join the side panels that make the base, insert the horizontal beam that acts as the middle support and continue this process for the remaining levels. Insert the roof beams into the top side panels and firmly push in, finish the set-up by placing the mesh shelves onto each level. 

Person assembling frame of small greenhouse

2. Install the misting system

Start by connecting the pieces of supplied poly pipe together. Using an elbow connector, join two lengths together to create a 90° angle. Secure one length with an end cap and join the other length to a piece of poly pipe. Using the last piece of poly, trim it to the length of the greenhouse, use the second elbow connector and join to the smaller piece. Connect the pipe to the greenhouse by using the clips provided then insert the misting sprayers by piercing holes 1/3 and 2/3 of the way down. Twist the yellow end of the sprayers to insert them into the holes.

Misting system in greenhouse spraying

3. Putting on the cover

Unzip the door of the clear cover, place it at the top of the greenhouse frame and pull it over. Secure the cover at the base of the greenhouse frame with the ties.

Tip: Keep the door open during the day to avoid overheating, especially during summer. Close the door when the days and nights are colder, to help maintain warmth. 

Person carrying small greenhouse

4. Sow your seeds

Fill your seed trays with a premium seed raising mix and dust off any excess, make sure you do not compact the soil. Place two to three seeds per punnet, cover with a sprinkle of the seed raising mix. Lightly spray the seedling with water and place the trays inside the greenhouse. 

5. Watering your seeds with the misting system

Connect a hose to a nearby tap and join to the poly pipe at the bottom of the greenhouse. Turn on your tap and adjust the sprayer angles if needed. If you would like to automate water to your seedlings, consider adding a Holman tap timer to your set-up. Check the soil moisture after a few waterings and adjust as necessary.

Propagation tray on shelf in greenhouse

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