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Orange and pink mini rose bushes.
It's May and it's cooling down in the garden but it's a beautiful time to be out there. Here's a check list of some of the things you should be doing in your garden now.

Hero plant this month: Roses

This month the focus is on roses. It's time to buy your bagged roses or bare rooted roses and when you get them home, you'll want to soak them in a bucket of water or seaweed solution for at least 24 hours. 

Roses are hardy, but will thrive better in fertile, well-drained soil. There's no need to fertilise them till spring when they become more established. As well as bagged roses, you can buy potted roses, patio roses, mini roses - there's so many to choose from. 

Close up of a pink flowering rose.

What else to plant

If you love colour in the garden at this time of year, you can't go past pansies, snap dragons, bacopa and chrysanthemums. All of these work really well in the sun and in pots. But if you plant them in pots remember to keep them well watered. 

Even though the days are getting cooler, it's still a great time to get into your vegie patch as it's just so rewarding to grow and eat your own food. For this time of year you could think about planting broccoli and peas in your backyard. These are a real favourite and best of all you can snack on them straight off the plant. 

If you're still at a loss as to what to plant pop into your local store and have a chat with a team member and we'll give you all the help you will need.

Yellow, pink and red chrysanthemums.


By May, your soil could have become a little bit depleted so a great way to combat this is to plant a green manure crop. This is a crop grown specifically to be dug back into the soil to give added nutrition such as organic matter and to improve the structure. Don't forget to also continue to add mulch to help the soil retain moisture during the coming colder months. 

Now is a great time of year to think about dividing some of your perennials such as agapanthus, day lilies and daisies. It's an easy job which is also a great way to get more plants into your garden or to even create gifts for friends.

Adding nutrients to the soil from a silver packet.


There's nothing more rewarding in gardening than to harvest vegetables from your own garden and May is a great time to look at harvesting lettuce, leeks, carrots and tomatoes. The bigger varieties of tomatoes will be doing really well in this milder weather, but don't forget if you are growing tomatoes, to always rotate your crops.

So, it's a great time to get out there in the garden and get busy and all your hard work will pay off in no time. If you have any gardening questions, don't forget to come and chat to the garden experts at your local Bunnings and get some inspiration from seeing all the beautiful plants that could be going into your garden.

Our Perfect Plant Promise

Remember the Perfect Plant Promise. All our plants (except seedlings) are guaranteed for 12 months. If you're not 100 percent happy, return your plant (with the receipt or tax invoice) and we'll refund it.

Start planting today

Check out the wide range of plants online or visit your local Bunnings Warehouse to find out how you can bring your garden to life.

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