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A beautiful bambinos boug plant, these are excellent plants for large containers or hanging baskets.
Autumn is a great time to be in the garden. The weather is cooling down, you don't have to water so much and it's not so hot while planting. Here's some great ideas for what to do in your garden in NSW during March.

Hero plant this month: Climbers

This month the focus is on climbers. Autumn is a great time to be putting these in the garden to cover an unsightly fence and create a stylish green wall. Just remember, you will need to provide some support for your climber.

There's a great range in-store to choose from. For colour you can't go past bougainvilleas, as well as mandevillas, with their bold, topical looking flowers. Plant in a well-drained spot. Keep in mind mandevillas can be frost tender but these plants will grow well in a pot.

Another favourite is star jasmine, (Trachelospermum jasminoides). Features include beautifully perfumed, pretty white flowers and glossy green foliage. It's a useful climber, but also works well as a ground cover.


What else to plant

Lavenders are looking good in-store now too. Originally from the Mediterranean, lavenders like hot sun, and dry soil. Don't over water, lavenders also don't like high humidity.

For a pop of colour, try chrysanthemums and kalanchoes. These sun loving favourites will also do well in a pot.

Don't neglect the vegie patch, as there's a range of edibles that can be sown right now too.  Sow directly into the patch, carrot and parsley seed. Plant broad beans too, they are easy to grow, but they will need some support. Choose a sunny, well drained spot and sow seed directly into the ground.

Put in some lettuce, and renew the herb patch with coriander, oregano and thyme.

Two purple pots of flourishing lavender.


It's coming to the end of the season, so give the vegetable patch a spruce up. Remove any plants that are finished fruiting like cucumber and lettuce.

Feed other plants with fish and other seaweed products. This will help improve plant resilience and health. Add a wetting agent to pot plants to help keep them moist.

Finally keep on top of weeds. Autumn rains will give them a spurt on so pull them out while they are young.

Measuring out some Seasol seaweed product.


In March the hard work in the patch should be paying off with lots to pick. Harvest watermelon, zucchini, beetroot, lettuce, coriander, tomatoes and chillies.

Autumn is the best season for gardening. With a little bit of TLC your garden will look fantastic. Get outside and get your hands dirty. It's good for the soul.   

Remember the Perfect Plant Promise. All our plants (except seedlings) are guaranteed for 12 months. If you're not 100% happy, return your plant (with receipt or tax invoice) and we'll refund it.

Start planting today

Check out the wide range of plants online or visit your local Bunnings Warehouse to find out how you can bring your garden to life.

A selection of healthy looking lettuce, beetroom watermelon and courgettes.

Our Perfect Plant Promise

Remember the Perfect Plant Promise. All our plants (except seedlings) are guaranteed for 12 months. If you're not 100 percent happy, return your plant (with receipt or tax invoice) and we'll refund it.

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