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Several large plant pots in the corner of an outdoor paved area.
Give your outdoor spaces an instant lift with the stylish and affordable range of garden décor from Tuscan Path.

Zhoosh it up

Introducing stylish architectural elements to your outdoor living areas is a great way to boost the value and appeal of your home. Whatever the space – a balcony, small yard or large block – a few contemporary additions will go a long way to take it to the next level. With Tuscan Path’s garden décor range, it’s easy to achieve the wow factor at a cost that won’t break the bank – think designer landscaping at warehouse prices.

Get the contemporary garden look

For a modern, streamlined feel, go for a monochrome palette and choose pieces in shades of black, grey and white that complement the living elements of your garden. Start with the edges – clean, crisp borders around lawns, garden beds, trees and paths work wonders to define spaces and keep it all tidy. Tuscan Path’s ‘Roman Stone Eco-Edging’, made from 98 percent recycled rubber, is perfect for the job, combining strength and durability with a natural stone look.

Tuscan Path ‘Roman Stone’ garden edging lining a garden bed.

Mix pavers and pebbles

Patios and pathways are more than practical. They provide an opportunity to create aesthetically pleasing features that capture the eye.  And with Tuscan Path paving, stone and pebble products, combining beauty with functionality is easy to achieve – try teaming stone-look porcelain pavers with artistically arranged pebbles to highlight and instantly lift (or create new) paths and outdoor entertaining areas.

A garden bed with white pebbles sectioned off from a grass patch with garden edging.

Consider adding stylish screens

No matter the size of your outdoor space, Tuscan Path decorating screens are a fabulous addition to instantly enhance the overall look and feel of  your area. Striking, affordable and simple to install, the weathering steel screens come in a range of designs and can be used to provide privacy, obscure or soften unsightly areas or simply add an artistic element to fences and walls.

Planters can make a space look bigger

A collection of statement plants in large pots can make a dramatic difference to any space. Even the smallest areas can be transformed by a grouping of pots, and they work a treat in making a space appear bigger. For a clean, contemporary look, go for big and bold designs in black and white – Tuscan Path’s ‘Harper’ series of weather-resistant fibreglass pots are ideal – and mix up shapes and sizes in groups of pots to create a visually pleasing effect.

Find the water feature you've always wanted

A water feature is another great way to enhance an outdoor space, and they bring a wonderful sense of calm. Whatever you choose, Tuscan Path’s curated range will give you all the creative inspiration you need to make a big impact with the latest on-trend designs.

A Tuscan Path ‘Cascade’ water feature in the colour Slate.

Ready to revamp your space?

Explore our entire range of Tuscan Path garden décor supplies.

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