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ryobi power tool cutting metal
Level up your D.I.Y. and gardening tools with RYOBI’s new 18V ONE+ High Performance Brushless range. Tackling tricky jobs is easy with RYOBI, Made by ONE+You.

Power up

You’re no pro, but your reno, repair and gardening skills have grown to the point where you need to ramp up your toolkit. Cue RYOBI’s new ONE+ HP brushless range, which builds on the popular ONE+ collection and takes things up a notch into the realm of the skilled and passionate amateur – all using the same ONE+ battery platform. Every tool in the range is powered by a brushless motor designed to last longer and deliver extra power and battery run time. Whether it’s cutting hard-to-reach piping or blasting the driveway clean, there’s a gadget for all those tasks that call for a little more power, finesse and speed.

Plug & play

You may be upgrading your kit, but you don’t want to chuck out all the great tools you've already got. Fortunately, the ONE+ HP brushless range shares the same universal battery platform as the ONE+ collection and the rest of the ONE+ HP brushless products launching in late 2021. All up, your plug-and-play 18V battery will power more than 100 tools, covering you for just about any project you could think of and allowing you to build the ultimate collection.

Handheld heroes

When it comes to tools, the biggest model isn’t always the best – or most powerful. Case in point: the ONE+ HP brushless compact cut off tool is light enough to be used with one hand and squeezes into spots too tight for a conventional angle grinder, such as under sinks. The ONE+ HP compact reciprocating saw is similarly made for tight spaces and light enough for one-handed cutting, but with the heart of a bigger tool, delivering 3,000 strokes per minute so you can cut quickly and smoothly. Also designed with access in mind, the ONE+ HP brushless angle drill has a head height of just 89.5mm and single-hand functionality in different grip positions, so you can use it where other drills can’t go.

Power house

For the really tough jobs, you need powerful tools. The RYOBI ONE+ HP range has just what you need for complex D.I.Y. and larger garden jobs, those tricky tasks that other tools can’t handle, like an impact wrench to tighten nuts or bolts, or loosen rusted nuts that have frozen in place. Need to punch into concrete or masonry? The ONE+ HP rotary hammer drill has the muscle to drill through even the hardest materials.

using impact driver to screw bolts on car wheel

Shred cred

As every keen gardener will tell you, the only sure things in life are death, taxes and leaf litter. Make short work of garden debris with the RYOBI ONE+ HP brushless jet fan blower – minus the annoyingly loud whine of most blowers, thanks to its whisper-quiet noise-reduction technology. And you’ll be that much closer to achieving your dream lawn with the ONE+ HP brushless lawn mower, with a signature EasyEdge feature to trim borders without the need for another tool.

man using leaf blower in garden to move leaves

Explore your options

Check out our new range of Ryobi ONE+ power tools.

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Health & Safety

Asbestos, lead-based paints and copper chromium arsenic (CCA) treated timber are health hazards you need to look out for when renovating older homes. These substances can easily be disturbed when renovating and exposure to them can cause a range of life-threatening diseases and conditions including cancer. For information on the dangers of asbestos, lead-based paint and CCA treated timber and tips for dealing with these materials contact your local council's Environmental Health Officer or visit our Health & Safety page.

When following our advice in our D.I.Y. videos, make sure you use all equipment, including PPE, safely by following the manufacturer’s instructions. Check that the equipment is suitable for the task and that PPE fits properly. If you are unsure, hire an expert to do the job or talk to a Bunnings Team Member.