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living room
Build it yourself and build it to last, with Kreg joinery tools  

Put it together

Good tools are the ultimate DIY assistant – particularly in the field of joinery, where precision means the difference between perfectly aligned joints, or a daily frustration. The secret to bidding farewell to wonky wardrobes and mastering a rock-solid assembly is, quite simply, Kreg. For all your joining, clamping and hardware installation projects, Kreg has the tools to turn a DIY novice into a master

Made by you

Adding a few joinery skills to your repertoire is not only impressive, but immensely satisfying. When launching into learning new techniques, Kregjigs can amplify your abilities, helping you to work with efficiency and accuracy – and ultimately giving your finished project a professional finish you’ll be thrilled to show off to your mates! 

Open and shut case

Custom cabinetry gives you storage with style and if you can do it yourself, you can save a packet and create something that’s uniquely suited to your home and storage needs. Kreg is your handy helper on the job, ensuring your DIY joinery is as functional as it is beautiful. Use a concealed hinge jig for cabinet doors, a drawer slide jig for smoothly gliding drawers, a shelf pin jig to DIY your own adjustable shelves, and a hardware jig to align every cabinet handle perfectly. 

Build to last

If you want to enjoy your beautiful creations long-term, you need strong joins. A butt joint is easy to do and serves a purpose, but risks splitting the timber. Pocket-hole joins solve the problem by coming at the timber from an angle. Sounds complicated? With a pocket hole jig from Kregit’s as easy as drilldrive, done! The ‘drive’ part comes from Kreg’s uniquely engineered pocket screws; these have a self-tapping tip (no need for pilot holes!) and a head that’s flat on the underside, so they sit snuggly on the ‘shelf’ created by the drill bit. Cue a solid assembly and creations to last for the long haul.

Achieve professional results with Kreg

Our range will help you achieve complete accuracy.

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