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Tuff Turf

Tuff Turf 1.8 x 5m 40mm Pile Balm Tuff Synthetic Turf

5 (1)

I/N: 0333040

Tuff Turf 1.8 x 5m 40mm Pile Balm Tuff Synthetic Turf
Tuff Turf

Tuff Turf 1.8 x 5m 40mm Pile Balm Tuff Synthetic Turf

5 (1)

I/N: 0333040



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  • UV Stabilised
  • Revolutionary fibre construction requires no infill
  • Triple-tone green grass fibres with brown curl
  • Top shelf-quality Landscape turf
  • Less maintenance over product lifetime due to no infill
Balm Tuff features new fibre technology that requires no sand infill. Balm is a premium synthetic turf designed to create the ideal landscape space that you'll love!

Perfect turf for Landscape applications and any area needing a premium appearance with high levels of foot traffic.












May require help to carry

Total Weight 32.5kg


Model Name
Balm Tuff
Model Number
Balm 1.8x5


Tuff Turf is committed to helping the environment and providing sustainable living solutions.

Warranty & Returns

Tuff Turf provide a full 7-year product warranty on your Tuff Turf grass product. . The warranty guarantees the synthetic Tuff Turf for its standard* intended uses for seven years. This warranty is valid from the date of purchase to repair or replace materials which exhibit defects in product, UV degradation and excessive fading. *Standard Tuff Turf uses does NOT warrant against installation carried out by others, against grooming and maintenance damage caused by improper use, animals, neglect, vandalism, floods, lack of maintenance, animal waste, water table or other acts of nature. Warranty is only valid upon presentation of invoice or receipt

We will gladly assist with returns and exchanges of this product in accordance with our returns and exchanges policy.


All special orders are delivered to Bunnings Warehouses.


1. PREPARING FOR TURF Work out the area where the Tuff Turf will go. Usually there will be a border of some sort like paving, concrete or timber edging. If the area is not clear, mark it out with a rope or spray paint. Remove all loose vegetation and any debris that is in the way. Dig out the area to a depth of 75–80mm. If there are any existing sprinklers, ensure that they are either capped or removed. Once the area is excavated, use a rake to level it out to ensure it is smooth and even for the sub-base. 2. LAYING THE BASE Place and compact approximately 60mm of crushed rock as sub-base. Lightly sprinkle water over the crushed rock before compaction so the base becomes firm. A vibrating plate will produce the best result. Ensure you have enough fall on the base to allow for water drainage. Complete your base works by adding a fine 20mm layer of crushed stone over the top of your base and level it out again following the same procedure. This will give you a more even finish. After compacting, your base should be approximately 15mm below the finished height of your surrounding edging/paving. 3. LAYING OUT THE TURF Lay out the Tuff Turf and allow it to relax for several hours. This will remove any creases and allow the Tuff Turf to better settle. Always run the grass in the same direction. Remove the ‘salvage’ black strip from both sides of the grass. Cut the Tuff Turf to fit your area. Use a sharp utility knife along edges, and around trees and flower beds. Take your time to ensure a flawless finish. TIP: Keep changing your blade as this will make cutting the Tuff Turf easier. 4. JOINING THE TURF Pull the two pieces of Tuff Turf together so they are as close as possible. Make sure they are not touching or overlapping. There should never be more than a 5mm gap. Once in place, position a marker at both ends of where the two pieces join together. Fold back both sides of your turf and roll out and centralise Tuff Turf Adhesive Tape between the two markers. Cut the tape at one end and gently peel off the foil along the entire length. Gently place both sides of the Tuff Turf onto the adhesive tape and continue this process down the entire length of your join. Walk along the seam several times to ensure it sticks down securely. 5. SECURING YOUR TURF Secure the edges with Tuff Turf 125mm Anchor Nails. Nail as close to the edge as possible and continue nailing along the edge every 200–300mm. Make sure you pull the fibre of the grass apart so the nail goes in smoothly and does not hold the fibre down. At completion of this step the nails should be hidden. 6. ADDING SAND INFILL to Balm Tuff is not necessary, but you may choose to install approx. 5kg per sqm with an aim to weight the surface down a bit. With a power broom or a stiff bristled broom, brush the blades of turf upwards. This makes it easier to distribute the sand infill evenly. Gently spread dried silica sand across the entire area. The sand should be spread as evenly as possible. You may need to hire a sand spreader tool, alternatively a seed dropper or a shovel can also be effective. Aim to get the sand in between the blades of grass, large volumes of sand in the one area will cause lumpy grass.

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