With over 25 years of presence in the industry, QStore is an Australian manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of Quoss Reno Transformer tapware products – from showers to bath, kitchen, laundry, and basin.

For many households, old, leaking, and inconvenient taps are often the last on the “to-do” list, because replacing it can involve costly and complicated workmanship. All too often something needs to be broken, taken down, and re-connected, which leads to bigger operations and unexpected costs. Quoss Reno Transformer series offers a range of products that will do away with these problems related to updating old plumbing fixtures. You can now replace any old 2 taps to an easy-to-use, maintenance-free flick mixer, quickly and affordably.

Our patented technology is the only one in the market that can transform your old 2 taps into a single flick mixer without breaking the walls, damaging the tiles, drilling any holes, or doing any piping or plumbing. It will simply retrofit into any Australian plumbing fixture and takes under 30 minutes to install. Once installed, there would no longer be any on-going maintenance like changing spindle washers or re-seating the valves regularly, as the exposed mixer prevents leaks permanently. The Quoss system not only can be a cost-effective solution for home owners and renovators, but is also a perfect solution for renters because it is interchangeable - renters can simply take it with them when moving out without leaving any marks or traces.

Using the company’s fitting technology, a broad range of products can be retrofitted into all parts of the household including: thermostatic showers, diverter for bath and shower, flick mixers for wall-mounted kitchen and laundry taps, and chlorine-free high-pressure shower heads.

We are continuously investing in research and development for superior technological products, and will keep on customising new designs to meet the needs and requirements of the Australian lifestyle. Upgrade your home for less with QStore’s Quoss Reno Transformer series.

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