Maxi Metals

Maxi Metals Australia is a proudly Australian owned Nationwide Hardware Wholesaling company. Starting from a small shed over 20 years ago we have grown into a company that considers ourselves a strong and vibrant competitor in our industry.

Starting with Post supports and Pergola fittings our product range has grown to over 1000 products. With Hoop Iron and Builders Hardware entering our product range, our list has continued to grow to suit our customer needs. Maxi’s ability to still manufacture in Australia has given us flexibility to design and produce new products that have become top sellers.

The establishment of our Victorian branch over 5 years ago expanded Maxi Metals ability to reach the entire Australian Market. Our large warehouses in Perth and Victoria have given us the capacity to carry stock level’s that have helped maintain a high standard of prompt and on time delivery’s. Our number one focus on customer service has helped us achieve the continued reputation and rapport we have with our customers today.

Through maintenance of these values Maxi Metals looks forward to continued growth through the Australian Hardware and Builders market.

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