KlevaKlip Systems Pty Ltd is an Australian owned company originally set-up to provide concealed fixing systems for decking materials. Over a period of time, the company has diversified to provide products that may fill niche markets in the building products industry.

Did you know that approximately fifty percent of decks in Australia are built less than one metre off the ground?

KlevaKlip has commenced release of a range of purpose-built building products designed to make the building of these low-lying decks faster, easier and fewer hassles.

The Adjustable Joist Support – for decks over concrete slabs - the Adjustable Bearer Support - for decks approx. 300mm to 600mm off the ground - the Joist Connector for attaching 45mm wide joists to 45mm,70mm,90mm Bearers and the new FREP Joist Hanger ( Fibre Reinforced Engineering Polymer) suits 90mm x 45mm & 140mm x 45mm Joists.

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