The Hookz range is perfect for creating extra hanging space and organising your home, office or garage.

Choose from self-adhesive, permanent or removable, re-usable, screw fix, over door and over drawer hooks in a range of colours, materials and finishes. Select stainless steel, satin nickel, chrome white plastic or clear to match any home décor.

Hookz hook and loop in either spots or tape from the handy dispenser pack allow even more options for tidying and organising.

Whether you are hanging towels, coats, bags, hats or pictures and frames there is a Hookz hanging solution for you.

Removable self adhesive hooks are perfect for renters. They remove easily without leaving marks or damaging walls. Just follow the easy step by step application and removal directions on the back of the packs. Extra adhesive tape is included in some packs.

Hookz self adhesive permanent, screw fix, over drawer and over door models are ideal where space is limited. Hookz products come in a range of traditional and contemporary styles, they look great and they’re tough.

You’ll be hooked on Hookz storage solutions.

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