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Dy-Mark 350g MetalPro Rust Converter

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I/N: 0317989

1 (3)

I/N: 0317989

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  • Black finish
  • Converts rust into a tough barrier against further corrosion
  • Tannic acid based
Dy-Mark® Metal Pro® Rust Converter is a tannic acid based rust converter specially formulated for the treatment of rusted surfaces. In one easy step, Rust Converter chemically reacts with the rust to form a black inert organic compound that binds to the surface and provides a barrier by sealing out moisture for effective rust protection. Suitable for use under most paint systems. For superior protection it is recommended to overcoat with Dy-Mark Primer and then Dy-Mark® Metal Pro® Quick Dry range of topcoat colours within 3 months of surface preparation with Rust Converter. Dy-Mark® Metal Pro® Rust Converter is ideal for use on gutters, roofs, garden furniture, fencing, gates, trailers, machinery and equipment. Does not contain Phosphoric acid.












Model Name
Dy-Mark MetalPro Rust Converter - 350g
Model Number
Prevent blocking by holding the can upside down and spraying until only clear gas escapes. Also wipe spray tip of nozzle clean. Clean up wet paint with Mineral Turps or General Purpose Thinner.
Recommended Use
Gutters, roofs, garden furniture, fencing, gates, trailers, machinery and equipment
Dry to touch (min.)

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IDEAL APPLICATION TEMPERATURE Between 10°C and 30°C. Surface must be cool. Do not apply to hot surfaces. Avoid use in windy conditions. PREPARATION Surface should be clean, dry and free from contaminants such as oil, grease, dirt, dust and salt. Remove all loose and heavy rust scale and flaking paint with a wire brush, scraper or mechanical sander. Rinse with water or solvent to remove loose particles. Allow to dry. APPLICATION Before spraying, cover surrounding areas to protect from overspray. Shake can for at least 45 seconds AFTER the mixing ball begins to rattle. Shake the can occasionally during use. Hold the can upright approximately 20-25cm from the surface. Spray with a smooth sweeping motion. To prevent paint from sagging, apply multiple coats to saturate the rust, allowing 4-5 minutes between coats. Adjust red insert on nozzle to achieve desired spray pattern. Use horizontal setting to spray up and down and the vertical setting to spray left to right. (Refer to diagram on front). The rusted areas of the surface will turn predominantly black. COVERAGE Up to 2m2 per can (depending on the surface and amount of overspray). DRYING TIME Touch dry in 20 minutes (25°C). Recoat within 1 hour. Full dry in 24 hrs. Drying will be slower in cold and humid conditions, in the absence of ventilation or where heavy film build is applied.

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