Order Dulux sample pots online

We know that choosing the perfect colour can be difficult. So Dulux and Bunnings have worked together to make it possible to test a variety of colours without leaving your home! With input from our expert colour designers, we have selected 24 popular interior and exterior colour schemes for you to choose from and, the best of all, you can order them online and we'll deliver them to your door.


dulux sample pot 

How to order your sample pots

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    sample pots purchasing process
    Select your preferred colour scheme.
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    add to cart
    Select 'add to cart' button and purchase sample pots.
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    Dulux sample pot paint
    Your sample pots will be delivered from Dulux within 3-5 working days.

What to do next?

Once you have decided on your Dulux colour, head to your local Bunnings to speak to an expert team member to discuss the best Dulux products to use.

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dulux sample pot 

Create the perfect look

When choosing a colour it’s important to take into account existing colours in your space. Don’t forget to consider expensive or difficult to change items such as flooring, curtains or benchtops.

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dulux sample pot 

Consider your lighting

Natural and artificial light can impact how we view and perceive colour. Whether the room is north or south facing will also impact how much light the room receives. Cool whites and neutrals tend to work well in bright rooms with plenty of natural light. Warm whites can help brighten south facing rooms that receive less light.

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