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A nature hanging with sticks, beads and feathers, and a bunting hanging over a child's bed.


Making a nature hanging for your room is an awesome way to use things you find outside to make something cool for your room. It's easy and fun, here's how to do it.

Tools and materials

Tools and materials


    1Gather your tools and materials

    Below are all of the tools and materials you'll need to complete this project.
    A flat lay with scissors, sticks, feathers, string and beds

    2Choose a stick for the hanger

    Pick one that has a nice shape and awesome colour.

    A Bunnings team member holding a stick.

    3Select the string

    Next select some coloured string. For our hanging we chose three different colours – natural, blue and orange. But choose any colour you fancy.

    Green, blue, orange and brown rolls of string.

    4Make the string hangers

    Measure the string for each decorative hanger to the preferred length. Once you've decided on your length, then cut the string. Remember you'll need to tie knots, so make it a bit longer than you need.

    Scissors cutting orange string.

    5Decorate the string

    This is the fun part! First up, pick some feathers. You might select two that are different colours. Tie them together tightly with string. A good tip is to wrap the string three times around the base of the feathers. Tie a nice firm double knot to hold in place. If you're not handy with knots, get your mum or dad  to help. 

    Tying a feather to the orange string.

    6Add some beads

    Next up select your beads. We used purple but choose whatever colour makes you happy. Thread the bead onto the string, push it right down to the feather. It needs to be secured tightly. Once you've done this, tie another knot above the bead to hold it in place. We then added another bead to our string. To do this, tie another knot halfway up the string and thread on the second bead.  

    Putting a red bead onto the piece of string.

    7Make two more decorative strings

    Keep your creative juices flowing! Using the same technique, make two more decorative strings using feathers and beads.

    8Attach your decorative strings to the stick

    Next, attach your strings to the stick. Wrap each string around the stick and tie off with a knot to hold it in place. You might want to use different lengths to make it look more natural. it's also a good idea to balance the strings evenly along your stick.

    Tying the decorated piece of string to the stick.

    9Tie on a hanger

    Use another piece of string to create a hanger. Once you've done this, your nature hanging masterpiece is ready for your room.

    A completed nature hanging with feathers, beads and three pieces of string.

    10Need more ideas?

    For more simple D.I.Y. inspiration check out our Kids D.I.Y. Advice page

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