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While a bird nest may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Christmas, it has a long tradition as a popular holiday ornament. It’s said to be a symbol of the love and commitment it takes to build a good home, as well as bringing good luck to any family that finds a nest in a tree on their property.

We’ve taken this idea one step further with our bauble bird nest and light sphere D.I.Y. project. This modern adaptation sees hanging baskets transformed into beautiful outdoor ornaments with just a few common D.I.Y. tools and materials. It offers a great way to create unique homemade decorations without breaking the bank!

Once complete, a bauble bird nest or light sphere can be hung from a verandah or patio to add a little sparkle to your outdoor area. When it comes time to remove the Christmas decorations, you can either pack your nest and spheres away carefully until next year or replace the baubles with something seasonal to make them a year-long decoration.

First up, we’re going to create the light spheres.


1Gather your tools and materials

Below you'll find all the tools and materials you'll need to complete this project.

2Remove the chain

To prepare your baskets, remove one chain from a basket.

3Cable the baskets

To make a full sphere, connect two of the baskets on top of each other together using cable ties.

4Wrap the lights

Starting at the bottom, wrap the solar fairy lights around the outside of the baskets and intertwine when needed. Position the solar panel/battery pack inside the ball, but where the sun can still reach/so that it is hidden. 

5Hang the basket

Using the chain that will still be connected on one side of your sphere, attach your sphere to a beam or support around your house. Alternatively, you could place on the floor or a bench around your home.

6Remove the liner

Remove the liner from the plant hanging basket.

7Wrap the fairy lights

Begin by wrapping the fairy lights in and out of the basket until it is completely covered. The more the better!

8Tie the fairy lights

Cable tie sections of the fairy lights to the basket.

9Snip the cable tie

Once you have secured your lights, snip the cable tie so it’s less obvious.

10Add the liner

Once you have wrapped the fairy lights, put your liner back in the basket.

11Finish with baubles

As the final decorative touch, fill your basket with baubles!

12Hang it up!

Using the chain that will still be connected to your planter, attach your bird nest to a beam or support around your house to enjoy.

13Now it's your turn!

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