How to customise drawer handles

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How to customise drawer handles

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Who knew a small thing like customised cupboard handles could have such a big impact? Give your child’s room a personalised update with this easy D.I.Y. hack – it takes no time at all and your kids will love it!

Tools and materials

180-grid sandpaper block

Alphabet Craft Wood Kit

Dulux Wash & Wear 2L Vivid White Gloss paint

Metalshield 300g Etch Primer spray paint (light grey)

Paint brush

Prestige 40 x 40mm Brushed Nickel Square Knob


customise drawer handles

1. Pick out your new handle

Maybe you’re changing the handles on a bedside table or cupboard? Or perhaps you’re customising a toybox? Before you get going, choose which handles you’d like to replace with – we have a great range in-store, with lots of options to choose from.

customise drawer handles

2. Rough it up

Before you get painting and decorating, give your new handle a going-over with a sanding block or some sandpaper – you’ll know it’s ready when the finish becomes nice and dull. This is an important step as it allows your primer and paint to stick properly.

customise drawer handles

3. Prime your drawer knobs

Once you’ve sanded and cleaned away the dust with a microfiber cloth, you’re ready for your first coat of primer. Grab a dust mask and place your knob on a dustsheet, or piece of paper. Give the handle a coating of the primer, spraying 20cm away from the surface in nice, even strokes.

customise drawer handles

4. Paint your letters

While you’re waiting for your primer to dry (this shouldn’t take too long), paint the letters you’ve chosen to place on top. We’re using wooden letters. 

customise drawer handles

5. Paint the handle

Once your primer is dry, you’re ready to paint your handle – we’re using a Dulux colour we purchased in a sample pot. 

customise drawer handles

6. Stick your letter on the handle

Once the paint on your handle is dry, you’re ready to stick on your letter. You can use superglue or liquid nails for this, but remember to be careful – this stuff is permanent! Apply the glue to the back of your letter then place firmly onto the handle, positioning in the centre. You can customise, using any colour or letter combinations you like.

customise drawer handles

7. Screw the knob back in

Using a screwdriver, screw your handle back into the pre-existing holes in your cupboard or drawer. If you’re changing the handles, we have another ‘How To’ for that – check it out!  

customise drawer handles

8. Good to go

How easy was that? Customised knobs can often be expensive, but we did this whole on a tight budget. Bargain!

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