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A hat and a blanket hanging from hooks attached to a dowel hanging rod on a wall


Get that clutter off your floor and create a stunning decorative feature for your bedroom with this gorgeous hook rack. And it's so easy to make! Here's how.


1Gather your tools and materials

Below are all of the tools and materials you'll need to complete this project.

2Sand and spray your S Hooks

We sprayed our S hooks a lovely Rose Gold colour to match the rest of our room's décor. If you're also spraying your hooks, be sure to give them a light sand with some 180-grit sandpaper to give the paint a surface to adhere to. When you're done, wipe off any dust, and remember when spraying to shake your can well before you start.

3Cut jute webbing

We're using jute webbing for our hook straps, which we cut to the size we wanted. You'll want all your pieces to be uniform, so measure them all out before you cut, or fold/cut your first piece and use that to measure out the rest.

4Poke your holes for your straps

We decided we wanted our straps to be a little thinner, so we folded our webbing in half first before poking our holes through with the awl (an awl is a big spike that can be used to make a uniform-sized hole).

5Repeat process for S-hook hangers

Repeat the above process for the S-hook hangers.

6Place your S-hooks on

Once your hooks are dry (if you painted them, like we did), thread them onto the jute. You can place as many hooks as you like on your hanger – just make sure you have the right corresponding number of jute pieces.

7Hang your rack!

Thread your hooks through the piece of dowel and place your straps on each end – you're ready to hang! We fixed ours to the wall using wall hooks, but if you're renting you may want to consider using adhesive hooks instead – they're easy to remove and don't leave a hole.

8Admire your handiwork

Voila! You've gone from messy to dressy in a few easy steps. And look – all that clutter is off your floor and looking stylish!

9Keep watching

Watch the full episode and more D.I.Y. projects from Make It Yours Episode 2: Master Bedroom Makeover by Geneva.

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