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electric fireplace in modern living room
Make your home a haven with the warming assurance of a Masport indoor wood heater, made right here in Australia.

Settle into your comfort zone

There’s little more soothing on a chilly eve than the crackle and flicker of a warming wood fire. Masport Heating makes this vision an easy reality with its range of Australian-made indoor wood heaters. High-quality steel, proven technology and powerful performance means you and yours will be kept toasty and secure, no matter what the weather brings. Whether your space is big or small, Masport has a sleek design ready to complete your sanctuary, each with a 10-year firebox warranty.


The space saver

The ‘Bowden Wood Stacker’ wood heater ticks off warmth, style and convenience. Its space-saving wood storage base eliminates the need for a log basket, while its large viewing window allows you to sit back and enjoy your fire. Suitable for large homes (warming up to 200sqm), it boasts low emissions, being 33 per cent cleaner burning than the Australian standard, and 11 per cent more efficient. It also comes with a 3-speed manual fan to manage heat.

Enjoy the view

The stylish ‘Bowden Portrait’ wood heater’s design and cutting-edge glass display ensures the largest possible view of those warming flames. The heater also handily includes a wood storage area underneath the firebox. This powerful convection heater spreads its warmth up to 170sqm, yet has a 33 per cent cleaner burn than the Australian standard requires, while also being 3 per cent more efficient.


This one’s for the larger homes

The ‘Bowden Pedestal’ wood heater has been designed to ensure maximum viewing pleasure, along with delivering peak heat. A great option for keeping a larger space toasty, its warmth spreads up to 200sqm and comes with a 3-speed manual fan so you can tailor how snug you want your home to feel. Importantly, it’s also clean burning, producing 33 per cent fewer emissions than the Australian standard requires, while also being 11 per cent more efficient.


The cleanest burn

A powerful little legged burner, the ‘Bowden Mini’ wood heater can heat up to 160sqm of space. Despite its compact nature, it has a full glass display to ensure the largest possible view of the flames. Engineered for clean and efficient heating, this radiant beauty is an impressive 60 per cent cleaner burning than the Australian standard requires, while also being 8 per cent more efficient.

First time wood heater owner?

Take a look at our rundown on everything you need to know about fireplaces.

Photo Credit: Masport Heating

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