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Delonghi ceramic heater
There's lots of different heating systems out there – including panel heaters, column heaters and fan heaters. De'Longhi share their insights into which heater is best to use, why and when.

Fan heaters

Fan heaters (shown above) deliver instant and directional heating. Ideal to heat up the room but also to provide you with that comforting warmth directly where you want it most.

How they work

A fan blows air across a hot element and then into the room. Some models have ceramic elements, which means the appliance runs more efficient and with maximum safety.

Key benefits

Fan heaters provide instant heat. The heat will be felt most by those directly in front of the heater. They are ideal for use as a personal heater or for small to medium sized rooms.

Heating needs

Instant, directional heat. On some models, this can be controlled via remote control.

Panel heaters

Panel heaters or convector heaters provide fast heating for medium to large sized rooms, and are perfect for rooms where occasional heating is required.

How they work

Panel heaters are light and portable. They operate on the principle that warm air rises and they take advantage of this natural convection effect to distribute heated air throughout the room. Many panel heaters come with fan assisted features to speed up heat distribution.

Key benefits

They provide steady, silent heat, and are ideal for occasional heat or for medium sized rooms.

Heating needs

The immediate area is heated rapidly and spreads throughout the room. Top models have a timer and ECO functions for increased user control and energy efficiency.

Delonghi Slimline Panel Heater

Column heaters

Colum heaters or oil filled radiators provide a most efficient and cost effective electrical heating solution for longer term use. They are ideal for medium to large rooms needing constant temperature.

How they work

Oil filled heaters operate by heating oil sealed within the unit, this heat transfers to the outer metal surfaces to heat the surrounding air. This gives an even, comfortable temperature around the room.

Key benefits

They provide very steady, quiet heat, and are ideal for longer term use or for medium to large sized rooms.

Heating needs

Even, comfortable temperature throughout the room. Top models have a timer and ECO functions for increased user control and energy efficiency.

Delonghi column heater.

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Health & Safety

Asbestos, lead-based paints and copper chromium arsenic (CCA) treated timber are health hazards you need to look out for when renovating older homes. These substances can easily be disturbed when renovating and exposure to them can cause a range of life-threatening diseases and conditions including cancer. For information on the dangers of asbestos, lead-based paint and CCA treated timber and tips for dealing with these materials contact your local council's Environmental Health Officer or visit our Health & Safety page.

When following our advice in our D.I.Y. videos, make sure you use all equipment, including PPE, safely by following the manufacturer’s instructions. Check that the equipment is suitable for the task and that PPE fits properly. If you are unsure, hire an expert to do the job or talk to a Bunnings Team Member.