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Person sitting on teal cupboard untying shoes with woven storage box placed over head


1The ideal solution for corralling clutter

Mudrooms come in handy. These dedicated areas (usually located near your home’s entrance) can be used for taking off muddy shoes, removing wet coats, wiping dirty dog paws, and unpacking sports equipment after practice.

By focusing on purpose-built storage, you can create a mudroom that is perfect for your home. Start by thinking about the way you use your home and where you tend to enter and exit. This transition space might be inside the back door, in the laundry or garage, or even at the front door.

Person sitting on teal cupboard untying shoes with woven storage box placed over head

2Explore your options

Cover off your family’s needs with a mix of storage solutions. Tall cupboards with shelves are great for storing the kids’ school gear. If you have an accessible power point, it can double as a charging station for laptops and tablets. Include plenty of hooks for jackets, hats and bags. Shelves are also great for baskets, crates, plastic tubs or storage containers, which can be used to organise loose items and add a layer of visual texture to the space.

For smaller items, consider adding in some drawers to your plans – these are perfect for storing keys, loose change and cards. A bench seat is another useful inclusion, encouraging family members to take off their shoes and store them neatly, rather than scattering them throughout the house. 

3Make it your own

Once you’ve explored different mudroom ideas, think about what layout and design will work best for your family. Do you need more storage options for sports gear? How about an ‘odds and ends’ drawer for each family member? Do you need extra hooks for dog leads and other pet supplies and accessories?  

With the function nailed down, now you can think about style. Customise the look of the storage to suit your home’s décor. The Lugna modular storage systems are available in a range of five finishes, so you’re sure to find a solution to suit your personal taste.

If you’re feeling a bit more creative, you could even give your mudroom a personal twist by painting it in one of your favourite colours. A bench seat nook can be customised with paint, wallpaper or even the kids’ artworks. Or step up your style with hardware – statement cabinet pulls or cute coat hooks can completely change the look of your storage. 

4Plan the perfect space

Designing your ideal mud room storage is simple, with the Lugna online planning tool. Start by measuring up the dedicated space in your home. Enter the dimensions into the planner, marking things like doors, windows and power points. You can experiment with the range of cabinetry elements, adding and subtracting until you find your perfect fit. Once you’ve settled on the ingredients for your mud room, order the components online or at the Special Orders Desk in-store.

By following the manufacturer’s instructions, it’s simple to assemble and install Lugna modular storage yourself. Here’s how we put together this family-sized storage solution. 

  1. Start with the left-hand cabinet, ensuring it is hard against the wall.
  2. To install the overhead units, get a second pair of hands to help. Then pre-drill holes in the top and bottom back rails to prepare the overhead cabinets for hanging.
  3. Measure up to make sure the cabinets align with the other units.
  4. Secure the units to the wall. Use a stud finder to find a stud and use fixing screws to secure each unit to the wall stud.  
    Tip: If a stud can’t be found, you will need to use WallMate or WallPlug fixings to secure.
  5. Add the drawer units, making sure they sit square with the hanging cabinets. 
  6. Add the final double door cabinet, making sure you use secure fixings to prevent these outer cabinets from toppling.
  7. Line the mudroom cavity, fixing the two horizontal panels first and then installing the vertical side panels.
  8. Attach shelves, door handles and hooks to finish the space. 

Safety tip: Always wear the appropriate safety equipment (safety glasses, gloves, ear muffs and a mask, for example) and always follow the instructions for the product or equipment. 

5Inspired to create your own mudroom?

Explore the full range of Lugna storage solutions. 


Photo Credit: Alex Reinders